Three Years of Silence

Sometimes, we say goodbye to friends, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, loved ones, and others who are very dear to our hearts. When it turns out to be an eternal goodbye, our hopes are lost, and our souls are filled forever with anguish. I hope you share my pain in this piece.
In my sleep, I call out your name,
In my dream, I shout it again and again,
In the morning, my prayer babbles it incessantly,
In my walks, I soliloquy it continuously.

A dumb, you never turn to look,
A rock, you make no move,
A statue, you keep still and mute,
A wall, you only reverberate my boo.

Three years of silence,
Three years of absence,
Three years have you not replied,
Three years have you shown no sign.

I'm glued to where I last said adieu,
Always watching for a sign of you,
A shadow from afar will bring hope,
A silhouette of you will make me whole.

Should I forget and move on?
Should I drink away your memory?
Should I keep waiting till I see you?
Oh! Three years have you kept mute.
Published: 3/26/2014
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