Thrice Times Six

Am I the only one who thinks politicians are scare-mongering us for their own political gain?
There's a nasty rumor going around outside,
The world is dying and it's down to mankind,
Fire and brimstone! sulfur and flame!
The Dragon's breath burns a Devil's name,
In the sands of time that will burn out soon,
In the melting flame of a blood-red moon...
Thrice times six His number be,
Thrice times six brings you to your knees.

Best to wrap up warm though the planet melts,
Self quarantine, keep your plague to yourself,
Dose up on capsules to fight the disease,
Antidote cures are not what you need,
If you must, have a toddy, it'll help you to bed,
But don't sleep too long, they'll think you are dead,
And matter-of-factly, they'll put you in a bag,
And burn you, with the others, like a bundle of rags.

We must stop global warming, or so we are told,
But they still drill for oil and still dig out coal,
It's a happy disaster that makes some of us rich;
While the rest sleep in doorways or laid down in a ditch;
Looking for the hero of a new civil war,
To lead them unto victory against Babylon's whore,
For thrice times six holds His kings by the balls,
And is in full control of their narrow-minded souls.

And the eco-warriors are armed to the teeth,
Backed by the snowflakes of social disease,
And we sit back and watch as community breaks,
While demands are made by society's freaks,
And we don't know the fuck if we're coming or going,
And we don't give a fuck if we're snorting or blowing,
For the need to use shit as a form of treatment,
Goes far and beyond our terms of endearment.

And thrice times six laughs at our plight,
As we squabble and bicker over our basic rights,
And we get greedy like them and we think we're immune,
But truly it's they who are playing the tunes,
And we gullibly kowtow to their majesty,
While helping them fight their own man-made disease!
And thrice times six keeps shifting the poles,
While we cower to the mercy of those He controls!

Published: 3/16/2020
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