Thunder Before the Rain

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Thunder before the rain,
Casting my sky in a darkened stain
Its sunny light too hard to maintain
I always hear the thunder before the rain.

I don’t listen
To what it heeds
As the tears of my life begin to come back
Instead of recede.

It starts to fall
As my world does fail
I couldn’t keep it together
My control much too frail.

The sky is falling!
All at once
The wind is blowing
Suddenly it’s all showing
What the thunder had announced

The flood waters
Are ready to come down
Ounce by ounce

I always here the thunder before the rain,
Before each time my disguise is put to shame,
Before each flood makes me lame;
I always hear the thunder before the rain.

The scent of the shower
Burning through my skin
Exposing all to what’s within
The water that looks so powerless
Cuts like razor edged tin.

I always hear the thunder before the rain
I always see the sky grow dark
And then I’m boxed in
The storm searches me out with thunderous barks

No escape
As nothingness starts to scrape
Against what’s left of my hope
As the air becomes to wet to breathe
Suffocating me like rope

All the lies come raining down
Showing me
With my two-faced crown
I knew it would happen
Because the rain always follows the thunder
Coming down to show off my remorseful blunders

I never think to get away
I always wish to stay
In what lasts of my sunshine
I convince myself that it will all be fine

At long last
I end up with the ruins of my life
Burying myself in ashes off my happiness
Now turned strife
Suffocating on sunless air
Drowning in lies
That everyone now knows to share.

I always hear the thunder before the rain.
I always experience the after math.
And shaming pain…
I always hear the thunder before the rain.
Published: 7/12/2009
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