Time Upon Time

Love, time, and a feeling of ecstasy.
Time, upon time, upon time and then,
I look toward seeing your beauty again.
Your eyes outshine the brightest of stars,
Reviving my heart, once weighted with scars.

Your touch, so soft, makes the soul melt,
The most loving feeling I ever have felt.
With the voice of an angel, speaking so sweet,
You fill me with joy, from my head to my feet.

The feeling I have as you stand in my arms,
Beats out completely the strongest of charms.
Our lips come together, I don't want it to end,
These feelings are real, I cannot pretend.

I cannot explain in this short little rhyme,
The way that I feel time upon time.
You're in my mind always, I await your embrace,
So farewell 'till the next time I lay eyes on your face.
Published: 3/25/2013
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