Time Will Tell - Prologue

This piece of writing has mature content. Reader's discretion is requested.
How could he do this to me? I hold my tears in, moving toward him and some slut who's sitting on his lap sucking his face off. Tapping his shoulder, "Hey Scott I forgot to give you something."

I ripped the engagement ring off and chuck it at him. I turn, with my head held high and walk away.
"Hannah, hun you know I love you." Scott pleaded, I stop dead in my tracks and spin around.
"Scott fuck off. If you really loved me I would never have seen that." I snapped really angry. With that I walk home.

Halfway to my house I hear the bush moving. Slowly turning to the woods. My heart pounding out of my chest. Seeing nothing I sigh in relief and proceed to walk home. No sooner than a minute I felt a hand grab my arm and yank me towards the woods. Looking over my shoulder I'm shocked to see Scott, "Scott what the hell is your deal, let me go! Now!"

"Shut up bitch we're not done." Scott sneered.

"Let go you motherfucker. It's your fault, if you had just stayed faithful, we wouldn't be in this mess." I screeched.

*Slap* I felt the sting of the hit.

"What the hell you bloody jackass!" I screeched.
"Someone help please." I screeched loudly.
*Slam* everything went black.
Published: 3/29/2013
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