Timeless - Part Four

"You and I were timeless, We never had enough time And now we never will."
We humans tend to treat ourselves as victims. Victims of circumstance, victims of the mistakes of others, or of our own mistakes. But above all is the victims of time. It moves along and doesn't stop to consider that it might be our last. It doesn't stop to consider the death of a loved one. To consider that it might be our last smile, last laugh, last conversation. And even when we grieve, time moves on.

For Dennis time moved inexorably slow, not taking away any pain as people said it would, not healing his wounds. But he wasn't sure he wanted those wounds to heal. It was a little sadistic of him, but it couldn't be helped. He felt like the longer he hurt, the longer he could hold on to Ester. He woke up that day, and like any other day, he hoped that the past couple of months would have been simply a nightmare, a bad dream he would wake up from and find that Ester was still alive. But he knew that would never happen. It made him think of what else wouldn't be happening that day. If Ester were still alive, it would have been their wedding day, the happiest day of their lives. He tried to imagine how it would have been, her in a white wedding gown, him in a tuxedo. He closed his eyes and pictured it in his mind. It was torture, he knew that he would open his eyes to a reality that was less wistful than his daydream. But he had to remember. It was getting harder to picture her smile in his mind, to remember the sound of her laugh and he was afraid that he would lose the memory of her to time. And so he did, the only thing that always made him remember her. He took out her notebook and flipped it open to the last page. She had written a poem there, their story, and he'd completed it -

'TIMELESS Smile to me darling,' he said that shy smile that tells me no one's ever whispered to you like this. I'll smile back because no one's whispered to me too.

"Come quick," she said, "let's hide if we stand out here, they'll find us, so come quick, but ah!"
They found us anyway.

"Miles apart, for so long," he said, "I've missed that shy smile of yours that tells me you still love me, well come now, and I'll love you, I'll make you mine."

"The fruit of that love," she said, "lays within me, oh my love whatever shall I do, Mom and Dad know and I have to go to college."

"Don't fret darling," he said, "don't worry, you're pretty head, I'll be responsible for you and for the one within you, I'll be the one to go to college."

"Pain, blood, loss," she said, "and now I've lost you too, my love. What lie have they fed you? Why did you believe it?"

"Miles apart, for so long," he said, "and yet I can't forget you, I knock on your door, I hope you haven't forgotten too."

"Pain and loss," she said, "is what happened, but it wasn't my fault. Why did you blame me? When I was but a victim?"

"Lies and distance," he said, "that's what tore us apart please forgive me, I am so sorry, I love you, even still even now I hope you do too."

"I do," she said, "I still do, so let's treat this love right this time the ring on my finger came with a promise, I promise you the same too."

"Lies and secrets," he said, "that's what broke us before. Why did you not tell me? Why did you keep that secret?"

"I was afraid," she said, "because I can't give you what you want others, left me because of it, I thought you'd do the same."

"Our love was timeless," she said again, "it withstood trials and tests, but I doubt, it'll stand against this one, so I'll be the one to leave."

"You've left," he said, "you've left for good and I still love you, I hope you loved me too, in your final moments because I still do, even now."

"You and I were timeless," he said, "that's true for we never had enough time and now we never will."

Tears formed in his eyes like they always did when he read that poem and before he knew what he was doing, he took his car and made his way down the same road she had taken when the accident happened.

Hours later when the sun was setting, he arrived in Kansi, the place bringing back memories of grief stricken neighbors and family and the wails and cries for the town school teacher. He made his way straight down to the cemetery, parked his car on the road and walked to her grave. He hadn't come back here since the funeral, he could never bring himself to. But he needed to, to give himself closure. To say goodbye. It was over a year ago when he made his way back here and knocked on Ester's door. So much had happened in between that time and now. They had gotten back together, got engaged, had a fight and got engaged again only for him to lose her. He still didn't regret making that decision though. Now he just needed to make peace with that part of his life and move on. He focused his attention on her tombstone, it said: To be loved and remembered.

He had no doubt Ester was still loved and remembered. He was the proof of that. He also knew that Ester had truly loved him, he could still remember her last words to him. They had been nothing above a whisper, but they were clear in his mind still. And if she died loving him, that was enough to make him smile. He needn't suffer just to show that he cared. He would move on with life as much as he could. After all, life is for the living not the dead. With that thought he turned around to leave, shedding the weight he'd carried around on his shoulders for months finally forgiving himself for what wasn't his fault.

He smiled genuinely for the first time since her death as her words ringed in his head and resonated in his whole body: "I love you." The words caressed him, and slowly enveloped him until the sharp pain in his heart became a numb ache. Their love was timeless, it had lasted for years whether they were apart or together. And even now although they would never be together, he would love her still.


Author's Note

So that's the end of this love story. Although I've always been a fan of fairy tales, I felt like writing a tragedy because life isn't always about hearts and rainbows, sometimes there are tears and storms. As I'd said earlier this story is quite dear to me, so I hope you enjoy it. Please comment and tell me if you like the ending.


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Miha - Thank you so much for the nice words. It means so much to me that it brought almost tears to your eyes because that tells me you could feel my characters pain. I'll stop there before I start rambling. I hope you liked the ending. And thank you again for reading all of my works, I find myself looking forward to your comments. OMG, I'm rambling again, but one last thing: Do you write stories here?

Brittney Tracey - Thank you so much for stopping by. And for the nice comment.

Butterfly - Thank you so so much for commenting on all the chapters, it's tragic, I know, but such is life sometimes.
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Published: 5/14/2015
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