Tips to Get Pregnant Fast

When you want to start a family, you will naturally want to know the tips to get pregnant fast. Before we see the tips, the most important point to remember is to stay calm.
Often couples are of the opinion, that once they stop contraception, their chances of having a baby are 100%, which is true up to a certain extent. However, it is easier said than done. There are a number of small points, which can put a spoke in the plans to get pregnant. This is when the tips to get pregnant fast come in handy. On the other hand, there are some couples, who want to do everything right and do not want to lose a chance. The tips to get pregnant will increase the chances to get pregnant at the earliest. Let's find an answer to the question how can I get pregnant fast.

How to Get Pregnant Fast

Like I have mentioned previously, 'patience is a virtue'. If you are patient you will increase the chances of getting pregnant sooner, once you follow the tips to get pregnant fast. It is not only about conceiving, but also giving birth to a healthy baby. Therefore, you should take all the required measures towards pregnancy.

Preconception Checkup
Once you have decided to start your family, getting a preconception checkup done is one of the first tips on getting pregnant fast. It is important to get the checkup done, before you start trying. In case, there is any underlying problem, the checkup will be able to identify the problem and necessary measures to rectify the problem can be taken.

Prenatal Vitamins and Folic Acid
If you do get a checkup done, your obstetrician and gynecologist will give you a list of prenatal vitamins, which you need to take. Most of the prenatal vitamins do come with folic acid, if it does not, then you will have to take folic acid as well. Taking folic acid reduces the chances of giving birth to a baby with a neural tube defect and is an important part of prenatal care.

Know Ovulation Cycle
One of the most important ways to get pregnant fast is to know your menstrual cycle well. Some women have longer menstrual cycles and some have smaller menstrual cycles. The time of ovulation will depend on your menstrual cycle. If you have a regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, then ovulation can take place anywhere between 13 to 15 days. If you are not sure of your menstrual cycle, then use the basal body temperature method, and study your previous menstrual cycle, and then count the days to know the ovulation duration. Have intercourse two days prior to ovulation to increase the odds.

Do Not Rush to the Bathroom
Running to the bathroom immediately after an intercourse should be avoided. Lie in the bed at least for a few minutes, to increase the odds of the sperms making their way to the egg. Experts suggest, that staying in bed for 10 to 15 minutes at least will increase the chances of conceiving faster.

Do Not be Worried About Position
Some couples are unnecessarily worried about the right position. One of the important tips to get pregnant naturally is not to worry about the right position. There are various myths about the right positions and there is no scientific evidence, which proves that a certain position is better than the other position. However, avoid gravity defying positions, like sitting or standing during intercourse, as gravity will be at work, which will prevent the sperm from traveling upstream.

Do Not Overdo
Overdoing will not increase the chances of conceiving, as it is often seen, that the sperm count may deplete, if the man ejaculates too often. The ideal is said to be every alternate day. Sperms can live up to 72 hours after intercourse. You may want to get the sperm analysis done, to know if the sperm quality and quantity takes a beating due to frequent ejaculation.

Avoid Exposure to Hazardous Substances
One of the tips to get pregnant is to avoid exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. If you are keen on starting your family, then you may want to consider changing your job, before you actually start trying. Some of the hazardous substances can affect the quality of sperms as well as development of the embryo.

Quit Smoking or Drinking
Smoking, drinking and drugs cause a negative impact on the fertility of the person. Hence, you may want to quit these vices, if you have any, when you are in the process of conceiving a baby. At the same time, they also affect the unborn child, if you do conceive.

Apart from these tips to get pregnant fast, there is one tip, which you must not forget. Making a baby is a number game. In spite of trying all the tips to get pregnant right, the chances of conceiving are 25 to 30%, in one menstrual cycle. Not everyone is lucky in the first month, when they are trying to conceive a baby. Sometimes, it can take longer as well. So be patient!
By Bhakti Satalkar
Last Updated: 9/20/2011
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