To A Very Good Friend (Dedicated To...)

Good friends are hard to come by. This poem is for a very good friend of mine.
Trust yourself,
And all your thoughts will ring true,
You're an angel,
I can't see anything bad in you,
You have that Midas touch,
Everything around you shines gold,
And I'm oh so happy,
That I let you touch my soul.

I couldn't want more,
Than to have you as a best friend,
I know for sure,
That you never deal in pretense,
You're straight to the point,
Your words are spoken from the heart,
I feel praised and enlightened,
To have been able to play my part.

Although I am blind,
I see you have a psychic mind,
And you don't mind,
Even when my thoughts are unkind,
You know me well,
You know me like a page in a book,
Not that I try to hide myself,
Why do that when I can put my trust in you?

I know you're good,
As do many others around you,
And they thank you for it,
Probably just as much as I do,
You are so well loved,
Much more than you will ever realize,
So feel adored,
And never let a tear spoil your smile.

I'm always here for you,
Just as you are always there for me,
Share your thoughts, please do,
And I'll do my best, for your troubles to ease,
If I ever need a shoulder,
To cry on when things just aren't right,
I can rely on you to act a little bolder,
And help me through the darkest of nights.

You have brought good will,
To so many lost souls in the past,
And you've had your fill,
Of heartache from love that is lost,
But keep your chin up,
And we can face all the heartache together,
Because you're the tops,
And I hope that we can be friends forever.
Published: 7/19/2010
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