To Know It's Your Fault - Chapter 1

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"Mal, wake up! You’re going to be late for school!" My mother yells from my door. I hate it when she yells. Her voice cracks and it makes me think she’s crying. Though at the moment I know she isn’t crying. She’s peachy in fact. This is her child’s first day of school, what mother wouldn’t be happy?

I wasn’t a mother, but I also wasn’t happy. School. I never have been to one before, but TV likes to show just how judgmental schools are. So much judging would be pointed my way… that is if I told them. I nearly wanted to smack myself. That’s it! I can pretend to be one gender. That sounds good right?

I sit up in bed and look at my mother. She dressed in her gown and her hair is frizzy everywhere. "Mom, what do I look more like?" She cocks her head to the side so I add. "Boy or girl?"

Obviously this question makes her freeze and I know she wants to ask why I’m asking this. She doesn’t ask though and actually answers the question. "Well you look like a girl to a lot of people since you’ve grown… but …"

"But what?"

"Why are you asking this, Mal? You need to get ready for school." With that she shuffles out of my room closing the door. I made her mad. I didn’t care at the moment for I still needed to decide. Boy or girl? Which one was I? Or well - which one did I want to be around school. I’ll let the kids at school decide; wear something casual that a girl or boy could wear.

What was my mother thinking? This school was humongous! How could anyone find their way around?! Everywhere I turned students were rushing through the hallways not even giving me a glance. There were some teachers, but every time I tried to reach them I’d be turned an entirely different direction. I wasn’t going to make it!

"Hey! Look at you!"

I turn and see a boy trotting up to me. His brown hair bouncing at every step; was he talking to me? Could he be? So many others have just ignored me.

"You’re new, aren’t you?" He asks standing in front of me; towering over me is more like it.
I turn away a bit. I’ll admit. The tallness was a bit intimidating. Still he was waiting for an answer and he has been the only person to give me a second glance. "Y-yeah… my name is Malory, but my mom calls me Mal."

"Cool." He looks down at me and smiles. I glance at him returning the favor. "Well my name is Schuyler." He scratches his head and looks around. "Crazy morning as always…"
"Y-yeah, you’re telling me…"
"Do you need help? It’s your first day so you must be lost."
I was.

"And scared, you’re so tiny, you could get trample."
Yeah… what? "I wouldn’t get trampled…"
"Ah! I didn’t mean to offend! But small girls can get hurt in a school like this."
Girl. He thought I was a girl. This was great! One vote girl!

"So do you want me to take you to your class? I wouldn’t mind. Just give me your schedule. I’ll lead the way!" He sang taking my schedule out of my hand. I wanted to snatch the schedule from him. But it was all in vain. Stupid tall people. "Oh! I know where this class is! Follow me!"

There wasn’t much following to my first period class. In fact it was more of dragging me by the arm through every hallway, trying to find the door number of my class. Finally though, we were in front of my class door. Which. Was. Locked.

"Well I guess we have to wait!" Schuyler exclaimed taking a sit of the tile floor. He patted the ground next to him indicating for me to sit. I did. Almost yelping at the coldness that seeped right through my jeans. Schuyler laughed and looked around. "So… Mal? Where’d you move from?"

From the greatness home I ever had. "From a small little town."
"Small town to the big city, huh? Must be shocking."

"It is…" It was too shocking and I hated it already. This place isn’t for me. And it’ll only be worse when this city learns about my gender too. Would mom make us move from here then too? To a different place? I never thought about it.

"Hey, Mal."
I looked at Schuyler who was now standing up again in front of me. "Huh? What?"
"The bell rang silly."
"Oh right." The bell to the most awful day has rung.
Published: 1/5/2012
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