To Know It's Your Fault - Chapter 13

Here ya go. Though it'll be a while since Christmas break.
"Malory I cannot believe you! I’ve been worried sick! What gave you the idea, it was a good idea to run away like that? Huh?! You could’ve been killed! Oh Malory!" Mom sobbed while hugging me. She cried entirely too much today, but then again today hasn’t been the easiest.

Adri had dropped me off at home and said that he and Schuyler would probably stop by. I only wish it would be sooner, so mom would stop squeezing the life out of me. It was actually a bit surprising that she was so well, just relieved to see me. I would’ve thought she would actually be mad at me for once due to my stunt or for yelling at her the way I did…

Once mom finally pulled away from me when she slapped me right on the cheek; it stung, but I deserved it. She looked down at me with stern eyes, "Malory Boucher, how could you do any of that? What has been bothering you lately? There’s this bully, but what else? A bully can’t make you change this much, can it?" As she spoke her eyes just became softer and softer until they were their normal selves. It hurt to see just how much she was worrying about me.

"Mom, things are just so different than back. You know, with public school, being the new kid is hard, but I don’t know…. Mom, I don’t know if I even really fit in with… normal kids." It was the truth; I didn’t feel comfortable around them still even Schuyler and Adri. Adri who used to be the same as me still didn’t bring comfort to my predicament, "I… I still don’t know if I want to go back to school…"

Mom looked at me for a while and just shook her head, "Hon- Mal, there’s no such thing as normal, hehe, besides who wants to be boring and normal?" She touched my shoulder and said, "But if you still want to start homeschooling that’s fine." She started to walk to the kitchen but stopped, "Also, was that Schuyler who dropped you off?"

I glared at her with puffed up cheeks. "Adri," then I realized something, "he actually used to be like me, but was changed." My mom turned and looked at me with big eyes. "He was changed to a boy, he told everyone about it when he was transferred into middle school. He was so comfortable with it."

"Have you told him?" She stared at me with worried eyes and I shook my head, "Well, that’s rather surprising. It’s such a rare case… You’re friends with him, right Mal? Do you have his number? Have you met his parents? Oh gosh! I could meet his parents. Do you think they’d be comfortable talking about it with us? Maybe we could find a doctor to do it for you Mal. Oh but you’d have to decide on what gender you’d want to me…"

"Ugh… yeah… mom I think my friends are going to be here soon, so let’s not discuss this now, alright?" Mom nodded and walked back into the kitchen while I walked to room.

Closing the door behind me, I sighed and lay down on my bed. Soon Schuyler and Adri would be here and I already had a feeling Schuyler would be like my mother was. Extremely overreactive and very clingy. Clingy... I don't know how I feel about that right now. I should be happy right? That's the normal reaction of girlfriends to their boyfriends, maybe? I needed to watch more TV...

I dropped my head at the realization of everything. If I wanted to leave school, then I would have to breakup with Schuyler. It wouldn't hurt him, would it? We've only dated a little over a week and even then we haven't done anything romantic. Only hugs and holding hands every now and then, but that could just be a friendly thing right? Either way, if I do go through with homeschooling, things will have to change.

There was a knock on the door and I could hear mom go and open it and that's when I heard their voices. Schuyler and Adri. Schuyler was speaking fast and through the wall it was hard to make out. I could hear my mom saying something back in a calmer manner before footsteps started to head toward my door. Guess it was time to think of a witty story to tell Schuyler.

My door was flung open and bounced a bit off the dry wall causing a racket that made Adri just slap his forehead while Schuyler ran at me and hugged me. He was warm and smelled good like some sort of body spray or just his deodorant. His arms held tight to me and his head was next to mine making it hard to see his face; all I could do was look to Adri who only just shrugged and smiled.

"Malory! What happened? You had us worried. First I don't see you in class, then the Principal's calling your name over the inner come, and then police are coming and medics and we saw your mom and she looked worried to death!" Schuyler stared me in the eyes with his big hazel eyes, was he serious? Did all that happen?

"You're overexaggerating, there were no medics and only one cop came," Adri yawned.

Schuyler gave him a glare before looking back at me. I needed to explain, but there was no witty tale to tell. I had nothing. I looked around the room and the hot feeling was coming over me again. Oh no. "C-can we sit down? On my bed if you want," I stuttered already taking a seat and watching as Adri just sat on the floor and Schuyler sat next to me. His knees were turned toward me and his hands sort of draped over his knees.

I took his hand and looked at him then down, "I'm sorry for causing so much trouble guys... It's just... Well..."

"Tristan?" Schuyler voiced out trying to coax me into telling what was bothering me. Yes, it was Tristan, I was ruining his life?! But I couldn't tell him that, he wouldn't understand. I shook my head and sighed. I really didn't want to tell him some half-ass story, I wouldn't remember. "Malory, is it...?" You had no idea, was all I could think to myself.

"What about your period?" My face went blank and I stared at Adri. Thank you.

I dropped my head and started to fidget and feign a blush. This was bound to be the wittiest story that won't be hard to even remember... except that I didn't have periods. I nodded my head and looked up a little to look at Schuyler. Pink, that was his face. What was he embarrassed about?

"O-oh... B-but we heard that you ran out of the classroom and didn't even say a word and no one could find you," he paused and scratched the back of his head before adding, "They said you ran into the boys’ bathroom."

Still with my bad fake blush I looked down once more and said, "Well I got a ... cramp. A really bad one and so I just ran blindly to the closest bathroom to get over it by myself. It's really embarrassing to talk about it. Sorry." Mom had bad cramps back before she had surgery to remove her... uterus? Is that the name of that thing? Did I have one?

"Why'd you stay in the bathroom for so long?" Schuyler was still questioning about this? His face was nearly as red as a tomato and yet he was still asking about this stupid topic. He either didn't believe me or really cared, I think.

"Um, well it was really bad so I passed out, I guess. I feel better now though so no need to worry, it only happens sometimes." Schuyler nodded his head and ran a hand down his face trying to wash away the red that tinted his cheeks and forehead the most. "Thank you, though, for being so worried," I looked at both of them and caught Adri slipping out my door. Where was he going?

Schuyler shook his head and looked down, "Yeah, sorry for worrying so much. It's just with the whole Tristan thing and all."

"His mother died, did you know?" It slipped out before I could even stop myself.
"Yeah, it was really recent. That's why he hasn't been at school."
"Have you visited him? To make sure he's holding up okay?" Please say yes.
"Of course! I mean, he's been acting like a jerk to you, but he's still my friend."
"I'm happy you did that, he really needs you two right now."

The room grew silent. I was happy, I felt less angry at myself since Schuyler still cared about him. They were still friends; I guess that's how friends work. Then again I've only had my first friends for about two weeks. I looked at the floor and have my dirty shoes and pants; I was filthy still from the creak. I haven't done anything to clean myself since I got home. I touched my hair and felt the multiple clips that were still in my hair from Gracia. What the hell did I look like?

A sudden feeling of self-conscious washed over me making me a little scared to be so near Schuyler. Starting to stand up, he grabbed my hand and pulled me back down. His face was still red and now he was smiling with the goofiest looking smile ever.

"I'm really glad you're okay. I care about you Mal along with the other guys... Um..." His eyes shifted from down to me. What was he thinking? He started to lean a bit toward me, bending his neck down a bit to reach my face better. Wait... His lips were coming toward me. He wasn't aiming for my head like other times... No. My eyes widen and anxiety started to drown me. No. No. NO.

Our lips touched.
Published: 12/21/2013
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