To Know It’s Your Fault - Chapter 2

I tried to put in more detail but I'm not the best with detail. Sorry.
It turned out Schuyler and I shared first period together, which was great since the teacher just loved to introduce the new kid to the entire class. Instead of freezing up in front of the class all I had to do was stared at Schuyler and calm down. Which was weird, but who cares? I got pass telling everyone my name and that this was my first time at a school.

This gained me some sympathy points. Still I was stuck deciding being a girl or boy. I was all for girl, but then…

"Hey don’t you think the new boy's cute?" A girl whispered with her friend giving me a glance before blushing and looking away. This made me have to concentrate on everyone else’s conversations. I needed to know which one they thought more of me.

"That new girl is weird-looking don’t you think?" Rude.
"He looks like the nerd type, y’know, not the type we need hanging around." Ruder.
"I think that chicks totally into me, right?" Bargh!

I wanted to listen in more, but the bell stopped my spying.
"Hey, Mal! What’s your next class?" Schuyler asked standing from his desk.
I looked at my schedule and smiled. "Math. Room 2D."
Schuyler moaned and shook his head. "What’s with the smile? I’m not in your next class! Ah man!" He lowered his head and followed me out of class.

I gave a small laugh and turned and looked up at him. "Well I’m good at math. So I’ll feel more confident."
Schuyler groaned. "I suck at math… and history… and English…"
"Well what are you good at?" I asked.
"Science," I sucked at science.
"Anyway," the tall brunet said, "Let’s get you to class. This way!"

He grabbed my hand and the dragging began yet again. This time, though, being more dangerous with all the other students littering the hallway; me almost hitting a group of them that blocked the exit of one of the halls.

Surprisingly, I made it to my second period still alive. Schuyler said he come by after the bell rang to take me to my next class before zooming to his class. I blushed, only a little, at his kindness toward me. This could just be sympathy for me being completely new. Still, I liked it.

I took a seat in the first desk closest to the door. Looking around, already some kids were settled in their own desks chatting with friends. Now staring at all of them I felt awkward and out-of-place. No one knew me and so I didn’t really have any friends; unless you count Schuyler. I wish he was in my class now. We could talk and ignore everything else around us, like all the others do.

My thoughts were cut by the bell and the closing of the classroom door. The room was now filled with students, and the noise level sky rocketed. The teacher went to her desk and started typing on her computer, wasn’t she going to tell the kids to shut it? That what my first period teacher did after a while of everyone blabbering.

"Hey! Hey you!" I turned to see a guy with buzzed blonde hair and chubby cheeks. "You’re new. What’s your name?"

The kid gave me a bad vibe. I wanted to turn and look at the whiteboard, but he just butted into my view. "Come on! Tell me, I won’t bite."

It was clear that I wasn’t going to get along with this kid. "Okay, my name is Malory." I wouldn’t tell him my nick name, he didn’t deserve to know.
"Malory… but that’s a chick’s name. Aren’t you a boy? That’s what my friends are saying."

Oh no, what do I answer with? I didn’t know which one I was going to go with yet. I should’ve known this would happen… but I didn’t. The boy kept staring intently at me, waiting for an answer I didn’t have.

"Tristan! Get in your seat now. Everyone shut it!" Finally the teacher yelled. The blonde, Tristan, gave me one last look before trotting to his desk. That was close and scary. I had to take in deep breaths to calm myself down.

"Boucher? Are you here?" The teacher was calling roll now.
"Y-yeah. I’m here…" Even though I wish, I wasn’t. What if there are more kids like Tristan, who’ll actually ask me which gender I was. Everyone else just called me what they thought I was and I was fine with that. I wasn’t fine with Tristan take on what gender I was. This would bother me for the rest of class.

The teacher stood up and started explaining the distant formulas of points. It looked easy enough, so I knew I wouldn’t have too big of trouble with this. Then the dreaded words… "And yes y’all can work in pairs."

Pairs. As in two. An in partners. I turned and saw Tristan already heading my direction. Didn’t he have any other friends?

"Hey team up with me," said a voice in front of me. I blinked and notice a petite girl standing in front of me, two papers in hand. "I already got the work for today. Let’s get going." I could already hear Tristan grunts and just smiled at the girl nodding. Thank goodness she came.

The girl scooted a desk next to me and handed me one of the papers she had, which I gladly took while taking a glance at Tristan who just huffed in annoyance. The rest of the period went by quietly and the girl didn’t really speak unless she was asking for help or asking if I needed help. She was cute, the girl, her blonde hair tied into pigtails. She was a senior like me, but looked more like a freshman. She only had eyeliner on and her clothes looked cute with a chihuahua on the front of her pink shirt.

"Well the bell’s about to ring. Oh yeah, my name’s Gracia. You’re Malory right?" I nodded and she went on. "Don’t worry about Tristan; he’s just a bully so just ignore him. Okay?" Another nod. She gave a smile and brushed a strand of bangs away from her eyes. "I’ll go turn in the papers." I handed her mine and she left for the teacher’s desk.

I scanned for Tristan and took in details of all the math posters hanging all over the wall. A lot of the stuff on the papers I couldn’t even comprehend. This was what everyone was learning? Mom barely taught me basic algebra. Maybe I wasn’t as good as I thought I was.

Gracia came back and scooted her desk back to its original spot. From there she laid her head down, I guess waiting for the bell. The talking came back as kids finished their papers and began talking to friends. Thankfully Tristan wasn’t done with his paper yet. His partner was though which was weird.

I watched Tristan and saw him stand up, finishing his work. But just then the bell rang and everyone ran out the door. That including me. I wasn’t going to let him put me on the spot again. As I said before, it wasn’t fine and would bother me. I stopped walking in the clogged hallway and looked around. I was lost.
Published: 1/7/2012
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