To Know It's Your Fault - Chapter 8

Malory and Schuyler, just a happy sorta chapter. Read and review.
No, he couldn't know, it was impossible or maybe it wasn't. The gym! That must've been, when he figured it out! No... No... That doesn't make sense. How could anyone know just by that? Maybe I'm over thinking things. Come on Malory, pull yourself together. You can't let him know that you’re freaked out.

I took a breath and exhaled as I finished finding the last problem to my History worksheet. Gracia sat beside me concentrating on her own paper; only being halfway done. I needed her to finish sooner! Maybe she could help me with my problem with Tristan. Tristan seemed to back off a little when she was around. And I needed that for the life of me.

"Pst. Pst." Gracia looked up from her paper and looked at me. I slightly tilted my paper toward her. "Copy it down. I need to talk to you about something," I whispered handing her the paper then. She gave me big eyes and nodded while greedily taking my paper.

After a minute or two she stood and handed the papers to the teacher, who just absently took them. Gracia stepped quickly back to her desk and pulled out a piece of paper and pencil writing on it before folding it and handing it to me.
Unfolding it I read: "What is it?"
I wrote back: "Tristan. He won't leave me alone and he's threatening about knowing a secret about me. Can you help?" I tossed the note to her and she read it, then wrote and tossed it back to me.

"Well just don't listen to him Malory. Tristan's just a loser who's trying to make themselves feel better by picking on little girls like us. Don't take anything he says seriously. Okay?" I didn't write back, but looked at her and nodded. She was probably right. Tristan was just bullying me, that's all... Even if it seemed he was taking it a little too far.

Shortly after the bell rang and I dashed straight to English class. Schuyler was in this class with me and I wasn't going to act like I did yesterday and completely ignore him. I told him I wanted to stay with him, so I needed to prove it.

I was first in class and the teacher gave a normal greeting before going back to typing on the computer. Taking my seat I waited for Schuyler to arrive. As I waited, students after students piled into the room; taking their seats and chatting with friends. I kept waiting for Schuyler to arrive. Where was he? He was here first period...

Just before the tardy bell rang, the door slammed open and zooming in was Schuyler. He ran right up to me completely out of breath and gave me a look over. What was he doing? Before I could ask, he plopped down in the seat next to me and laid his head down.

"Malory," he spoke in a muffled voice.
"Y-yes?" I answered him looking around as more and more students turned to stare at us. It was getting more awkward for me by the second.
"I'm sorry," he breathed out. "Gracia told me everything. I should've thought more about how Tristan would treat you now since we're dating." Gracia told him what we talked about, why? He lifted his head and pulled me into a hug. "After she told me I started wondering the halls for you. When I couldn't find you, I panicked and thought Tristan might have found you and said more stuff to you. He didn't, did he?"

"N-no. I just ran to class... t-to see you sooner." My cheeks were burning with a blush and that's all I could say. Gracia told Schuyler about Tristan and Schuyler worried about me. He even ran through the halls just looking for me to make sure Tristan didn't find me. Maybe I didn't even need to talk to Gracia, just Schuyler.

"Hey you two, break it up." The teacher stood before us and everyone turned back to the front of the class. Schuyler let me go; leaving me with a bigger blush that was showing to him and the teacher. He gave a goofy smile and the teacher just rolled her eyes before walking off and starting the lesson.

As the teacher talked and talked, I couldn’t help but just ignore everything that came out of her mouth. I loved English class, even if I hated all the confusing words that were used to explain the little details of writing, but I couldn’t help but just stare at Schuyler as he just stared back. His eyes were so peaceful at this moment. All the other times there were always so energetic and hyper. I wonder what he was thinking.


"Who would win? Godzilla or King Kong?" Schuyler asked me and Adri while we tried to eat. Adri kept getting cut off from eating, him trying to answer every question Schuyler asked. It was fun to watch which kept me from eating, but also it made me more suspicious. Where was Tristan?

Adri coughed before answering Schuyler. "Godzilla. He has that beam thingy... wait which Godzilla are you talking about? Japanese or American?"
"Does that matter?" I asked taking a bite from my burger.
"Yes, because America's Godzilla is like a T-rex and everyone knows King Kong can own a T-rex any day." Adri shook his head as if ashamed of me even asking the question. Jeesh it's not like I stay cooped up in my room and watch monster movies all day. How was I to know?

Schuyler gave a laugh at Adri and I. "Let's say Japanese Godzilla then."
"Godzilla," Adri answered again before getting up to take his tray away.
I looked at Schuyler and gave a nervous cough to catch his attention from his food. It worked since he put his food down and looked at me. "Yes?"
"Where's Tristan today? I know he's here; I saw him second period," I asked Schuyler staring him in the eyes. He wouldn't actually kick Tristan off the table just because of me would he? They were friends before I even came to this school, so he wouldn't. Right?

Schuyler looked away and took a bite from his lunch before answering. "He said he had to go finish something." He said it so bitterly I lost my appetite. He really didn't like Tristan, now it seemed and I could do nothing but blame myself.

"Look Schuyler... you don't have to hate Tristan just because he's picking on me. I mean. I look so vulnerable, maybe he can't help it. That's how a lot of bullies are-"
"Mal, I don't care about that. I'm still not going to let him be like that toward you. So what if you're small and weak, that doesn't give him right." He started stroking the little hair I had. "Malory just don't worry about Tristan. He and I will still be friends, but I won't let him pick on you anymore. Even if that leads to us not being friends anymore." He leaned my head down and kissed my head before standing up and taking his tray.
The bell rang.
Published: 4/19/2012
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