To Kristina:

She was my best friend for 3 years.. now she’s---- not.
Come on girl
Be a friend
Remember that promise?
Friends to the end.
But u never call
You never try and write
Never answer my txts
Girl that’s not right.
And when you walk into the place I live
And I don’t say crap
Excuse me.. I was eating
It’s not cool to say shit behind my back.
And nasty messages like I got in return
A screwed up answer, jacked up reply
To drag all of my crap into this fight
Why, Kristina, why?
I didn’t drag your drama into this
Just said what I had the right to say
When you talk crap about someone
You deserve what you get... Some anger.. Okay?!
So excuse me again
For standing up for myself the way I did
I really do love you
But it’s your choice to say goodbye to an old friend.
Published: 1/8/2009
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