To My Father

This poem is dedicated to my father. Despite everything, I am hoping and praying he'll change for the better.
My father gambles a lot,
He thinks he is hot,
So many girls he'd date,
As he comes home very late.

He seems cool and nice,
But never listens to any advice,
For he is always right,
He thinks he's too bright.

His words are laws,
And you've no right to see the flaws,
You just have to follow,
Even though it makes you feel so low.

He doesn't even worry,
To say, 'I am sorry',
For his pride is high,
That never runs dry.

Despite everything,
I'm still proud and love him,
I'll just sing him a beautiful hymn,
Even though he acts like a king.
Published: 6/14/2013
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