To Tell You I Love You

To express my love.
When I'm lying beside you, watching you sleep,
Knowing you're mine is so incredible,
That beautiful face, that breathtaking feeling each time you're close.

I don't ever wanna lose this feeling I have with you,
With you I feel like I could conquer the world,
Bring peace to every living soul.

You with me is like a dream I once held so dear,
But never believed I could have,
But now you're here,
Kissing me,
Loving me.

I wonder if you are aware of what you've done to me,
I know I love you today, tomorrow and a lifetime ahead,
So if I had one last breath before my time on this planet was up,
I'd use it to tell you I love you one last time.

Take that to heart and remember,
I will never give you up my beautiful sunrise,
For even if I could survive, without you I don't even wanna try.
Published: 9/24/2012
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