To the Ground

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It is difficult to face the truth now,
I am stuck somewhere and how?
Darkness is everywhere around,
Life feels so bound.

Every step we take forward,
Only lead to a downfall,
But we won't turn out coward,
God will listen to our call,
Though the cruel words fill the air all around,
I know we'll stand firm on our ground!

Eyes open just after we enter the world,
But the eyes only see the truth when life becomes tough,
And even though the truth is so dark to face,
We'll fight through it and I know we'll win this race.

All dreams and plans have come to a halt,
Feels like we got struck by a lightning bolt,
But we know life always changes around,
We just have to stand firm to our ground.

All tears, all sighs,
Will vanish one day,
Keep your head held high,
Have your say,
What goes around, comes around,
Today it's you, tomorrow the haters will have wound,
So just keep holding your feet down, firm to the ground.
Published: 3/25/2013
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