To The One That I Love

Every woman deserves respect and every man needs a loving woman.
To the one that I love,
Dr. Gre Pearl Gay,
In my heart you'll stay,
Forever I'll treasure,
My love for you.

To the one that I love,
I see the marbles in your eyes,
And I only smile,
By your mesmerizing stare,
Oh, how I love your eyes!

To the one that I love,
I would die for you,
Because I love you so...
I'd take away all your pain,
And give you the stars in the heaven.

To the one that I love,
I will shower you with kisses,
And when you melt in my sweetness,
I will give you my warmest embrace,
And the respect that you deserve.

Even though you always say, "I'm fat,"
I don't really care,
Just as long as you have,
A loving heart.

To the one that I love...
I will always love you.
Published: 3/29/2013
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