To Whom It May Concern

All I ever wanted was for you to look at me like you looked at them, but I was never a part of your life... was I?
The look of unrelieved despair
On the crying girls face
As you say you don’t care
If she ever finds a place
Brings tears to my eyes
And I wish I could find my voice
But your hurtful words, your lies
Rob me of both breath, and choice
And then shake myself hard
And drag myself from my memory
Realizing that the girl that starred
In that long ago nightmare was me
And once again I wonder why?
Why didn’t you love me?
Why did you push me away, make me cry?
And why did you place them so far above me?
But I’ll never ask you out loud
These questions burning inside
I only wanted to make you proud
But I never did... Even when I tried.
Published: 2/26/2009
Bouquets and Brickbats