Together as One - Chapter 14

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*Lucy's POV*

"Lucy look!"
I glance at Carly as she points at her drawing.
"It's beautiful honey. Finish it and we'll hang it up yeah?" Just as I say this, my phone rings and I answer without seeing who it is. "Hello?"

"Hey." Andrew's voice floats down the line, throwing me for a second.
"Hi. How are you?"
"I'm fine. What about you?"
"Good, good."
"Did I disturb you? Were you busy?"

I shake my head, even though I know he can't see me. "No. I wasn't busy."
"So, what were you up to?"
"Nothing much. I'm looking after my niece and nephew at Mark's place."
"The niece and nephew I've heard so much about?" He asks. I can hear the smile in his voice.

"The ones I haven't been introduced to."
"That's them."
I turn the page of my textbook, my eyes wandering over the page, but my mind is on only one thing. Andrew.

"Maybe now'll be a good time to be introduced don't you think?"
I chuckle, "Sure. Who do you want to talk to first?
He laughs, "You mind if I drop by?"
"Ummmm." I glance at the children. "No, it's all right."
"Okay then. I'll be there in a while. Take care."
"You too."

As I put my phone down, I glance down at myself. I should change.
"You two, no funny business all right? I'll be right back."
"Okay." Craig says and Carly just nods.
I head upstairs to my room and quickly change into a long purple turtleneck and black tights. Looking at myself in the mirror, I just pull my hair back.

Sitting down at the kitchen table with Carly and Craig, I continue studying. Five minutes later, the bell rings.
Craig looks up, "Who's that? Mommy and Daddy aren't coming today."
"That'll be a friend of mine." Getting up, I walk towards the front door. I open it to see Andrew stomping his snow-covered boots on the mat. "Hey."

He looks up, a smile lighting his face. "Hey. Just give me a second."
I watch as he stomps his feet free of snow. It's started to snow again and snowflakes fall on his hair as I watch, melting in seconds.
"How are you?" Andrew asks once inside. He pulls off his jacket and taking it, I hang it up on the coat rack.

"I'm fine. You?"
He nods and as I turn back towards him, I see the kids standing a few feet away from us.
He follows my gaze and smiles. "So are these the famous nephew and niece?"
I chuckle, "Yup."
He walks up to them and crouches down to their level.
"Hey I'm Andrew."
"Carly, Craig, this is my friend Andrew. Andrew, my niece Carly and nephew Craig."
"Hi." Carly smiles shyly.

Craig just stares at him, his face expressionless.
"Craig, anything you'd like to say?"
"Hi." Turning around, he walks away.
I stare after him, surprised. What's gotten into him?
"I'm sorry Andrew. He was fine just a minute ago."
He shakes his head, "They're children. It's not your fault. Guess he doesn't like me very much."

"Craig's never like that. That can't be it." I watch as Carly walks back into the kitchen.
"Where are Mark and Vanessa?" He asks.
Smiling, I turn to him. "Spending New Year's Eve alone."
"And your brother?"
"Left yesterday. He's taking his girlfriend to Paris as a surprise."
"Oh Wow."

"I know. Come on let's go in." I led him towards the kitchen. Craig looks up from his drawing and stares at Andrew and then turns away. Shaking my head, I watch as Andrew sits down beside Carly and then take my place.
"Were you studying?" He asks as I close my textbook and push it away from me.
His eyes widen slightly, "On your New Year's break."
"It's never a break when you're in college."
He chuckles, "Aah yes, how could I have forgotten?"
"Andrew?" Carly looks up from her coloring.
"What's your favorite color?"
"Ummm..." He frowns, thinking, "Blue." He looks up and I smile.

Andrew helps me make sandwiches for the kids and the both of us for lunch and then we move into the living room. Craig takes out his building blocks and Carly her doll house to play with. Craig still hasn't said a word all afternoon.

Andrew and I sit on the couch and watch them playing, until Carly looks up, "Lucy, can you help me put everything."
"Sure, hun."
Sitting down next to her, I help her set up her doll house. A minute later, Andrew joins us as well and the three of us assemble the house.
I go over to Craig and sit down, hoping he'll open up to me. I don't like him being so quiet.

I've just settled down in front of him and reached for a few blocks, when Carly starts talking.
"Yes, hun?" I smile as he answers.
"Is Aunt Lucy your girlfriend?"
I drop my eyes to the blocks in my hand, my heart coming to a stop. It's quiet for a second before he answers.
"I haven't asked her yet."
I glance up to see Craig staring at me.

"I don't know."
"You should ask her now. Before it's too late."
"You think she'll say yes?"
"I'm right here you know." I say, finally getting my voice.
"Oh," Andrew looks at me, "Hey there Lucy."
Carly pats his knee and whispers,"Ask her!"
Like as if I can't here her.

"Lucy, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" He asks, holding his hand to his heart, exaggerating it to please Carly. His eyes scan my face though and I can see he's dead serious.
I glance at Carly and she nods her head, "Say yes!" She whispers loudly.
I bite back a smile, "Yes Andrew, I'd love to be your girlfriend!"
"Yaaay!" Carly gets up and starts clapping. Lifting her into the air, Andrew twirls her around just as there's a crash from beside me. I look over to see Craig running out of the room.

I jump to my feet, but Andrew places his hand on my arm.
"Let me go see."
I nod, worried. Carly sits down in front of her playhouse as Andrew leaves the room.
I sit down on the couch, chewing on my lip, worried.


*Andrew's POV*

I walk into the dining room and see Craig huddled down by the grandfather clock, his face buried in his arms. I sit down beside him.
After a few seconds of silence he looks up at me.
"Why don't you like me?" I ask.
He stares up at me, his eyes accusing, looking more mature than his five years.

"Because you're Aunt Lucy's boyfriend. Her last boyfriend was mean. She never played with us and she was always sad and I didn't like him. And you're going to do the same thing. And I don't want her to be sad."
I frown, "Why do you think I'm going to make her sad?"
"Because the last one did."
"But I'm different aren't I?"
"Yeah." He nods reluctantly.
"And I really, really like Lucy. I'll never make her sad because it'll make me sad."
"I promise."

He wipes his tears away and then holds out his hand. "Sorry I was mean before. Mom would be angry with me if she saw."
"It's okay." I smile. "How about we make a deal?"
"You don't tell Lucy what I told you and I won't tell anyone what you said."
"Okay. Deal."
I turn off the telly as Lucy sits down beside me on the couch. She'd just put the children to bed for their afternoon nap.

"Sorry about that."
I look at her quizzically, "Why?"
She starts to answer and then chuckles, shaking her head. "What did Craig tell you?"
I shrug, "I can't say, I promised not too." She raises an eyebrow. "What could it be?"
I chuckles, "Not a chance."

Lucy narrows her eyes, "Now that's mean."
I grin, "You do know that I was serious about becoming my girlfriend, right?"
She looks up at me, "Ugh. Really?" She grimaces.
"Yup. So now you're stuck with me."
"Oh God. It sounds torturous already!"
I laugh and she shoots me a smile.
"What are you doing tomorrow night?" I ask after a beat of silence.

"Yeah. For New Year's Eve."
"Oh, nothing. Staying home with the kids."
"You're staying at home on New Year's Eve?"
She shrugs, "Not like I would go anywhere if I wasn't looking after the kids."
I frown, watching her, "I'll take you guys out."
She shakes her head, "No way. Andrew, it's your New Year's Eve as well."

"You're going to be having your plans." I shake my head, "What plans? At the least, I would go out with my friends and after sometime going to bars and watching them get wasted gets boring."
"You don't have any plans with Lily or your parents?"
"Lily's going out with her boyfriend and Mom and Dad are going out as well."
She nods. "So, I'll be taking you and the kids out tomorrow night."
"Andrew." She looks up at me.
"Lucy, you're my girlfriend remember? I'm taking you out and that's that."

She shakes her head, smiling. "But where? New Year's Eve with the kids? You really want that?"
I nod, "Yeah I do and leave it up to me. I'll think of something."
"Andrew, you really don't have too. The kids and I were planning on watching a movie and having our own party."
I smile, "First of all, I know I don't have too. I enjoy spending time with you and the kids. You better start believing that. And secondly, I just might crash your party if I don't come up with a place to go."


*Tory's POV*

I look out of the window Brian and I are sitting by. The view of the Eiffel Tower is amazing.
"I can't believe you!" I turn back to him to see him gazing at me across the table.
He smiles and reaching over, links his fingers through mine.
"I'm glad you actually liked it."
I shake my head," Brian, you knew I always wanted to come here. Of course I'd love it!"

He smiles. The waiter comes over and hands him the receipt. Brian pays and then we make our way to the door, where we're handed our coats. In the elevator, we ride down the 20-something floors to the bottom. As it stops, I move closer to Brian, slipping my hand into his. He shoots me his beautiful smile as an elderly couple get in. The man lays his hand on the small of her back and I feel a sudden pang.
I want that to be me and Brian. To grow old together and still have him looking after me, loving me.

I look up at him and see him watching me. A smile tugs at his lips and I blush. It's like he knows what I was thinking.
Hand in hand, we walk into the cold. Brian pulls me close as we cross the street, his arm snaking around my waist.
"Where are we going?" I ask, looking up at him.
"Don't you want the best view to start the new year?"
My eyes widen as I turn to look at where he nods.


*Andrew's POV*

I ring the door bell and step back. Pulling my jacket's collar up, I look around the yard taking in the shoveled driveway and half-built snowman.
As the door opens, I turn towards it to see Carly standing holding it, clad in her winter clothes, a big smile on her face.

"Andrew!" She lunges at me as I hold up my arms.
Lifting her up, I kiss her head, "Carly! How are you darling?"
She nods, "Excited! Where are you taking us?"
I chuckle, "It's a surprise."
She grins, "Aunt Lucy's still getting ready."
"Did she allow you to open the door?" I ask. Knocking on the front door, I step inside the house.

"Yes she did."
I set her down on her feet. "Where's your brother? And aren't you going to wear a cap?"
"He's in there. I was just getting it."
I follow Carly's finger and head towards the living room to see Craig watching TV.

Craig looks up, "Hi."
"You're ready?"
He nods, "Aunt Lucy isn't yet."
"Does she always take long?"
He shakes his head, smiling. "No. Do you want to see her?"
"Am I allowed?"

"Yeah I guess. Come on." He gets up and I follow him upstairs. He comes to a stop in front of a closed-door. "Let me check." After knocking, he opens the door and slips in and I wait patiently.
He opens the door a few seconds later. "Here you go. I'm going to go wear my coat."
"Andrew?" Lucy's voice comes from inside.
Knocking on the door, I step in. "Hey Luce."
She looks up at me, "Hi. Sorry, I'll just be a minute."

I shake my head, "It's alright. Take your time." I look around the room, "So this is where you stay."
"Yeah. It's technically the guest room but since I stay here so often.."
"It's also called Lucy's room?" I ask.
She chuckles, "Exactly."
As she runs a brush through her hair, my eyes trail down her outfit. She's got a cute purple top on over black jeans. The top isn't tight, but it hugs her figure wonderfully.
I glance away. Thank God she'll be having a jacket on, or I'd be having trouble all night.

"Is this fine?" Lucy asks. She's pinned up her bangs and is looking up at me, gesturing at her outfit.
"Perfect." I smile causing her to blush. She grabs her bag and then follows me downstairs. The kids are both ready, wearing their jackets and boots. As Lucy pulls on her black trench coat, I lead the kids outside to my car.

"Where are we going?" Lucy asks settling down beside me.
"It's a surprise!" Carly answers, clearly excited.
I start backing up out of the driveway as Lucy chuckles.
"Does Carly know?"
"Nope." I reply, glancing at her. "Everyone got their seat belts on?"
Lucy turns around and checks the kids. The twenty minutes drive doesn't seem very long as Lucy and the kids tell me what they've been up to all day.
As I pull into the parking lot, Lucy looks around. It's pretty dark, not giving a hint of where we are.

I shoot her a grin. "Wait till we get out and start walking."
She shrugs and starts to unbuckle her seat belt. Opening the door behind me, I help Carly out and Lucy takes care of Craig on the other side.
"Put your cap on Carly. It's a bit chilly." Crouching down in front of her, I help her put it on. She takes my hand as we walk around the car to where Lucy and Craig are standing.
"This way."

As we start walking across the parking lot, music starts floating towards us and soon there are lights ahead visible. Carly, getting more excited, leaves my hand and joins her brother ahead of us.
"Be careful!" Lucy calls out at the kids. I take her hand, linking my fingers through hers.
"How are you, girlfriend?"
She chuckles, "Good. You?"
I smile, "I'm with you aren't I? So I'm great."
When I look at her she blushes, glancing away.
"So where are we?"

"It's this carnival I came to with my friends years ago. It goes on over Christmas and New Year's. There are games the kids will enjoy, I hope."
"Of course they will." She looks ahead at the kids, a smile playing on her lips. "I was expecting more of a 'drop the kids off somewhere and the both of us go for a dinner' type of thing."

I chuckle, "Where are you now? We could still do that you know." When she looks up at me, I laugh, "I'd never do that. As much as I love spending time alone with you, I wouldn't abandon the kids somewhere just to have you alone. And I like the kids. They're growing on me." She smiles, "I know you wouldn't. I was just teasing."

As we reach the entrance, the kids are both practically jumping up and down in excitement. Lucy starts to ask how much the entrance tickets are but wrapping my arm around her waist, I pull her beside me and pay for the tickets, ignoring her.

The kids play a ton of games before Carly finally tells Lucy that she's hungry. We walk to one of the many stalls and I get burgers for everyone. Craig downs his whole burger in a few minutes, but Carly eats only half before she's full and wants hot chocolate. Lucy shakes her head saying she has to finish the burger first, but then Carly turns to me, pouting and I glance at Lucy. She just looks back at me, leaving it up to me.

And I can't say no to the face Carly's pulling, so I get hot chocolate for both her and her brother, while Lucy and I finish her burger.
We walk through the carnival, the kids ahead, busy sipping their drinks. Lucy slips her hand into mine and I squeeze it, her hand warm in mine.
"Having fun?"
She looks up at me, "How can I not? You're with me right?"
I laugh, "Touche!"
She smiles and looks up as Carly comes running up to us.
"Can we go on that?"
We follow the direction Carly's finger's pointing at.
"Umm..." Lucy starts.

I glance at her to see her biting her lip. The giant wheel is decorated in blue fairy lights, slowly spinning and lighting up the night sky.
"Can we?"
Lucy's grip on my fingers has tightened the smallest bit; although I'm not sure she's noticed.
"Sure. You two can go one with Andrew, if he doesn't mind."
"Andrew?" Carly turns to me.

"Sure hun."
"Yaay!" Carly runs back to her brother.
I stop walking and turn towards Lucy, frowning.
"You're alright?"
"Yeah why?" She smiles up at me.
Sighing, she glances away, color filling her cheeks, "Heights make me uncomfortable."
"Ah, I see." I watch her as she looks to the side, not wanting to meet my gaze. "So you're not coming on with us?"
"Andrew," She bites her lip.

Reaching over, I free her lower lip from her teeth, running my thumb over it. "I'll take care of you."
She stares up at me, her beautiful eyes wide.
"I don't know." She looks away again.
"It's your choice. I'd love you to come with us."
She looks at me and then nods. "If you'll take care of me." Lucy says, a smile tugging on her lips.
"I promise."

Taking her arm, I pull her close to me. The kids are already in line, waiting for our turn. As Lucy and I get to them, the couple in front of us get onto the giant wheel. Lucy steps back, straight into me, as she looks up at the huge wheel. I hear her gulp as she watches it move. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I pull her close.

"You can still back out." I whisper in her ear.
She takes in a somewhat shaky breath. "No."
When it's our turn, the kids bound up the steps and into the carriage. Lucy and I follow, Lucy getting in before me. The attendant locks the door and steps back.

My eyes are on Lucy as we ascend. She's staring up. Craig's sitting beside me and Carly beside Lucy, opposite us. The kid looks outside and as soon as we're a reasonable height above ground, get up and move towards the railing to look down properly. I nudge Lucy's foot and she looks up, blushing. I watch her quietly for a second before reaching over and sitting beside her. My arm snakes around her waist and I pull her close. We watch the kids pointing things out to each other. As the carriage rocks slightly, due to the wind, Lucy pushes back into me.

"You know," I say, wrapping my other arm around her front so that she's enveloped in my arms, "I'm scared of black cats - or any cats that have green eyes."
She chuckles and as she makes to turn around, I loosen my grip around her and move back a bit.
"Really." I move away a loose strand of hair from her eyes. As my fingers rest against her cheek, she leans in just a bit.
"Aunt Lucy, look!" Carly tugs on Lucy's coat.
The carriage rocks, more violently than before as Carly moves. Lucy gasps, her hand gripping my arm, tight.

"Aunt Lucy?"
"Carly! Look over here!" I point out of the window beside me and she comes over to see.
"Is Aunt Lucy alright?"
"Yeah, she just remembered she had to make a call, didn't you Lucy?"
"Um, yeah I did."
I hand Lucy my phone and turn back to Carly and Craig, who's come over to our side. Once the kids are occupied again I turn back to Lucy, who's got her head in her hands.

Leaning in, I move her hair away, "Luce?"
"You're alright?"
She looks up at me, "Yeah, I'm fine."
"You shouldn't have come. I shouldn't have asked you to come." I press my lips together, irritated with myself.
Lucy shakes her head, "No, it was just when it moved, I got a little freaked."
"I am such an idiot." I mutter to myself, irked.
"Andrew." Lucy takes my hand, "I am fine, don't worry."
Looking at her face, which is slightly pale, I nod.
A minute later, the attendant opens the door as we stop. The kids jump off and then I follow Lucy out.

Back on the ground, I take her arm, "You're all right? Do you need to go to the washroom or anything?"
She shakes her head, "Andrew, breathe, I'm completely fine."
I scan her face, worried. Lucy just rolls her eyes and shakes her head.
"What? Is it a crime to worry about my girlfriend?" I ask, pulling her close and whispering in her ear. A shiver runs down her spine as I lean in closer and place a kiss on her cheek, my lips lingering longer than needed on her soft skin.

"Andrew!" Carly wraps herself around my legs as I move away.
"What is it, sweetheart? Shall I carry you?" I ask, lifting her up.
"Yes please."
"What time is it?" I turn to Lucy.
"Past eleven."
"Come on then. We have to go."
"Go where?" Carly asks, wrapping her arms around my neck and laying her head down on my shoulder.
"Another surprise."
I lead them to an open field. There are benches placed all around and stalls line the side of walkways, selling all sorts of things. Finding an empty bench, we head towards it.

"What do you kids want to eat?" I ask as Lucy sits down.
"Andrew, I think they've had enough junk food for the day, don't you think?"
"I want chips." Craig says, watching kids walk past him holding Pringles.
"You'll have to ask your Aunt for permission."
"Aunt Lucy, please can we have chips?"
"Please?" Carly adds.
She looks up at me and I make an apologetic face.
"You two can share one box."
"Yaay!" Carly claps, suddenly hyper again.

"And you Luce?"
She shakes her head, a smile tugging at her lips, "I'm fine."
I take the kids over to the stall and as they choose what flavor they want, I order some coffee for myself.
"What are we waiting for?" Craig asks as we sit down. He sits down beside Lucy and I sit down on her other side, Carly in my lap.
"Wait and see."
I hand Lucy my coffee and she sips it while I help the kids divide the chips.

"What time is it?" I ask Lucy as Carly gets up and throws her empty bag into the bin. I watch as she walks back and then climbs back up into my lap.
"Quarter to twelve."
"Anytime now."
"Now what?" Carly turns towards me.
"Are you eavesdropping?" I ask, tickling her.
"Nooo!" She squirms on my lap, laughing. "I'm not!"
When she starts to get out of breath, I stop. Pulling her up, I drop tiny kisses on her cheek.

"Look!" Craig exclaims.
Carly turns around in my arms and looks up at the sky.
"What is-" She gasps as the fireworks light up the sky. "Wow! Did you see that?" She turns back to me.

When I nod, she turns back and watches the display. I glance at Lucy to see her watching Carly, a smile playing on her lips.
"Why are they counting?" Carly asks, twisting around to face me.
"Because once they reach zero, it'll be a new year. It will be the first day of January."
"Really?!" She asks, her eyes widening. "Yay!"
I chuckle as she turns back and starts counting down with everyone else.
"Happy New Year!"

As the sky lights up with the beautiful display, I turn towards Lucy. She's gazing up at the sky, her lips parted, eyes wide.
I love this girl. I just can't believe how crazy I am about her.
Leaning in close to her ear, I whisper, "Happy New Year Lucy." As I pull away, I plant a kiss on her cheek.

She turns to me, smiling. "Happy New Year Andrew."
Carly turns around and wraps her arms around my neck. Standing up, I twirl her around. She laughs, holding on to me.
As we walk back to my car, Carly leans in and kisses my cheek.
"Thank you Andrew."
"Don't thank me darling. I had fun as well."

Smiling, she lays her head down on my shoulder, an arm wrapped around my neck. Lucy's walking next to me, a smile on her beautiful face, holding Craig's hand.
As I settle Carly into her seat, Craig comes and taps on my back.
"Yes hun?"
"Thank you!" He hugs me and then reaches up and whispers, "I like you better than Aunt Lucy's other boyfriend."
I smile, "That's good right?"
He nods, smiling back. "Yes."
"Great then!"
The drive home is quiet. The kids fall asleep in a matter of minutes, leaving Lucy and me alone.

A few minutes into the drive, Lucy lays her hand over my leg, leaning back into the seat and closing her eyes. Lifting it up, I press my lips to each of her fingers and as I come to a stop at a red light, glance at her to see her watching me. The moment feels magical as I gaze at her, but it ends too soon. I hold her hand through the rest of the drive.

Once home, I help her put the kids to bed, carrying Craig into his room while she takes care of Carly. Once I'm done I walk into Carly's room to see her sitting up.
"Is Andrew staying?"
"No darling. He has to go home." Lucy makes her lie down and pulls her blanket up.
"But I want him to stay."
"He has to go home Carly. Go to bed now."
"But Aunt Lucy-"

"How about I drop by tomorrow? If it's all right with Aunt Lucy?" I quickly put in, not wanting to come between Lucy and her responsibility with the kids.
"We'll see." Lucy answers.
I go over and kiss Carly's forehead. "Sleep tight."
Leaving her door ajar, I follow Lucy downstairs. She turns to me and smiles.

"Thanks a lot Andrew. For everything. The kids enjoyed and I had so much fun."
Shaking my head, I reach for her hand. "Don't thank me Lucy. It was my pleasure." She glances away, biting her lip. "Lucy?" I take a step closer to her as she looks up at me. "I'm sorry I made you come on the giant wheel."
She smiles, "It was actually kind of fun."
"Was it?"
She stares up into my eyes, not saying anything, as I raise a hand and cup her face, my fingers playing over her cheek. She glances down at my lips before looking back up at me.

Taking in a breath, I close the distance between our lips, something I've been aching to do for a while.
When our lips meet, I swear, the world could have ended and I wouldn't have noticed. Her lips molded perfectly into mine and I held back a shiver at the excitement surging through me.
Lucy reaches up, wrapping her arms around my neck and I wrap my free arm around her waist, pulling her up against me.

"Yes it was." Lucy breathes when I pull away.
I'm about to ask what when it clicks. Yes, the giant wheel was fun.
Smiling, I lean in for a short kiss, but as she trails her fingers up the back of my neck and into my hair, I throw all caution to the wind and devour her lips.
Her arms are still around my neck, her face hidden in my shirt. "Yes?"
I comb my fingers through her honey blonde curls. "I have to go." I say, sighing.
She pulls back from me and I immediately miss her warmth, the pressure of her against me.

Pulling her back for a hug, I bury my face in her neck.
"Okay." I sigh and drop a kiss on her cheek. "Now I really have to leave."
She chuckles and as I pull away, reluctantly, she links her fingers through mine. At the front door, I turn to look at her.
"Yeah?" She looks at me, smiling.
"You're alright, right?"
She nods, "I'm perfectly fine."
"So you're not mad at me?"
"Why would I be mad at you?"

"I don't know. Maybe for doing this." Swooping down, I press my lips to hers.
She chuckles, taking in a shaky breath as we break apart.
"No, I'm not mad at you for doing that. At all."
I chuckle, "So I'll see you tomorrow?" When she nods, I open the front door and step out.
"Sweet dreams Lucy."


*Brian's POV*

"Happy New Year Tor." Leaning in, I press my lips to hers. "I love you."
She pulls back, tears in her eyes. "What?"
I press my forehead to hers. "I said, I love you." I wipe away a tear that spills onto her cheek.
"Yes darling, I do really mean it. You might not know it Tor, but you've occupied my every thought since I laid my eyes on you and I'm sure I've found the person I want to spend forever with."
Reaching up, she kisses me. A deliciously mind-blowing kiss.
"I love you too, Brian. So much."


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