Together As One - Chapter 19

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*Andrew's POV*

I frown as Lucy once again breaks down in my arms. Is this what she's been worrying about?

"Hey, it's going to be fine." I sit down on the bed beside her, holding her close. Her face is buried in my shoulder and I rub her back as she starts to calm down. Pressing a kiss on her hair, I gently pull back once she's calm. "You fine?"

She nods slightly and I tilt her face up, wiping away a stray tear from her cheek. She stares up at me, her eyes wide.
"Lucy, did you stop talking to me because you didn't want me to get hurt?" I ask gently.
"Yes." She whispers.

Smiling I lean in and kiss her nose. "Luce, I can take care of myself."
"You don't know him, Andrew. He's really-" She answers sounding distressed.
"Lucy," I cut her off, rubbing my thumb over her cheek. "Lucy, Lucy, Lucy." She unconsciously leans in and letting go of her cheek, I pull her into my lap, wrapping my arms around her. She lays her head on my chest, her body limp in my arms, and I realize just how much this has taken a toll on her.

"I can take care of myself, even though that was really sweet of you to worry about me." I say gently, resting my cheek against her head. "But I'm glad you decided to tell me. We'll have to do something about this guy but I don't want you to worry anymore. Just leave it to me alright? We'll sort this out in the morning. Okay?"

She nods, "Okay."
"Do you want to stay over?" I ask after a moment's silence.
"Yes, please."
She sits up and I move her to the bed and get to my feet.
"Uh... Do you want to change?" I ask, glancing at her jeans and blue top.
"No, it's fine."

"Lucy, it isn't comfortable to sleep in jeans." I walk over to my wardrobe and pull out a pair of joggers and a shirt. I hold it up to her, "This fine? Or would you rather go get something from Lily's closet?"
Lucy shakes her head, a smile spreading across her face for the first time tonight. "That's great, thanks."
Relieved to see her smile, I lay the clothes on the side of the bed and head towards the door.

Closing the door behind me, I lean against the wall, closing my eyes. I cannot believe Lucy went through all of that. I shudder, trying to control the anger boiling inside and take a deep breath. I need to take care of her and I can't do that if I'm angry.

As the door opens I turn towards it and see Lucy standing in my clothes. There's a sudden tug of affection as I see her standing there, holding the door open. The joggers are a bit long for her as I knew they would be. I guess she's rolled them up a bit, but they still drift past her ankles and the shirt's baggy, the sleeves way too big for her slender arms. When I look back up at her, she's blushing.

"Sorry. Couldn't help myself. You look so cute!" Smiling, I lean in and kiss her cheek.
Taking my hand, she pulls me towards the bed and sits down. She pulls at my arm, wanting me to sit down as well, but I'm not so sure.

"You'll sleep here?" I ask.
"Yeaah... I guess." She bites her lip, confused.
Reaching out, I free her lip from her teeth, "I'm just asking. I don't mind. I'll sleep in my parents' room."
She opens her mouth but then nods. "Oh, okay."
"Will you be fine?" I ask, sitting down beside her.
She nods and leaning in, I kiss her softly.
"Sweet dreams Lucy."

I turn around as I reach the door. "Yes?"
"I... I want you to stay with me. To sleep with me, if you don't mind."
"I'm not sure, Lucy." I reply slowly.
"Oh okay. It's fine." She turns away but I catch the look on her face.

Pushing my bedroom door closed, I switch off the light and walk over to my bed and slide in beside her, my arms coming around her waist.

"I'm not sure because, well, let's just say I don't want to make you uncomfortable. I just don't want to upset you in any way so that's why I didn't agree. But if it's going to upset you if I'm not here, then I'm staying."

She doesn't answer but as she pushes back into my chest, I smile. "I'd never say no to you Lucy. Because I can't. And don't think that I don't find you beautiful, attractive. If I must admit it, then you're the most beautiful girl to walk this earth and I should know. I'm not sure how but I should." Hearing her chuckle, I tighten my arms around her. "I hear victory. Am I forgiven?"

She turns around and I pull slightly back, giving her some room. Her hands slide up my chest and I take in a breath, until they wrap themselves around me neck. Leaning in, she presses her soft lips to mine.

"I wasn't angry at you."
"Oh, really? What was that expression I saw?"
I feel her cheeks heaten up. "What expression?"
Laughing softly, I gently tug at a strand of her hair. "Are you telling me, you didn't have a hurt expression on your face?"
"Ummm... yes?"
Laughing, I pull her close. "Let's sleep Lucy. You look exhausted."
"Yes, hun?"
"Thanks for everything."
"Don't mention it darling." I kiss her cheek.

"Do you really think I'm beautiful?"
"Yes, sweetheart, I do. Not only beautiful, but gorgeous, caring, smart, loving, breathtaking... shall I go on?"
"No." She whispers.
"Sweet dreams Princess."

The light from the hallways sneaked in from under my door and the room isn't so dark anymore. I tilt her face up, my eyes searching her face and then lower my mouth on to hers.

"Sleep well." I kiss her forehead, and she ducks her head down and buries it in my shirt, her arms around my waist.


Yawning, I'm about to stretch but then suddenly remember Lucy. Blinking, I glance down and see her sleeping on top of me, her head on my chest, her arm thrown over my shoulder. Smiling, I tuck a stand of her hair behind her ear, but then quickly pull my hand back as she stirs, thinking I've woken her up. Lucy moves up, burying her face in my neck, her arm sliding down. I close my eyes, feeling her breath hitting my neck.

I'm just falling asleep when she moves again and instinctively I wrap my arm around her, holding her close. When I look down, she yawning and a second later her eyes flutter open.

Lucy's cheeks flush and she glances down, "Morning."

"Did you sleep well?" I ask, leaning down and kissing her cheek. She nods and starts to untangle herself from me. I prop myself up on my elbow and watch her.
"Why are you embarrassed?" I ask. She glances up at me and then looks away quickly. "Is it because you slept on me?"
She avoids my eyes, "Were you comfortable? Did I let you sleep?"

I turn her face towards me. "Yes, I slept wonderfully with you in my arms, knowing that you were safe. And you did let me sleep." She smiles, looking up at me and I drop my head down to hers. "Can I kiss you?" I ask, my lips less than an inch away from hers, wondering if she'd have a problem. Instead of answering, she reaches up and pulls me down the rest of the way. I gently lower myself on her as we kiss, making sure not to put all of my weight on top of her. Her hand slides down my neck and then trails down my back and I groan, dropping my head to her neck. I catch hold of her hand and bring it to my neck again.

After a few minutes, I start to get up but she just pulls me back down on top of her.

"Don't go."
Smiling, I bury my face in her warm neck. "Alright."
"What time is it?"
I raise my head and look at the clock on my night stand before dropping it back down into her neck.
"When will your parent be coming?"
"Late in the evening. Maybe they won't come home. It's their anniversary tomorrow. They might just check into a hotel."
"So you can stay here again tonight."
"Dad'll be home tonight."
I slowly lift up my head to look at her. "Lucy, were you home alone last night? Did you get scared?"

"Kind of. But mostly I needed to talk to you. And I missed you."
"I missed you too." I kiss her gently. "And I'm glad you told me, but I'm just asking, alright? Why didn't you tell me before? Before he turned up and all?"

She opens her mouth to answer but then turns away, not saying anything. I watch her for a full minute before turning her face back towards mine. Either I've got a sixth sense this morning or it's that the more I'm falling in love with this girl, the more I'm understanding her silence.

"You know, I wouldn't have found you any less desirable if I'd have known that he had done all that." I say, pressing my forehead against hers. Lucy looks up, her eyes full of uncertainty. "I wouldn't have run away, I wouldn't have stopped liking you. I'd have just been much more careful."

I pull back, sighing. Leaning on my elbow, I run my fingers through my hair and then look down at her. "I guess, I understand what you meant by being patient and that you come with baggage and I still don't regret coming all this way with you, Lucy. I know you're thinking something along the lines of that. And I never will, okay? So start getting used to being stuck with me." I pause and study her expression. She sniffles, blinking back her tears, and gives me a watery smile. "But if you want me to step back, keep my space, not do something. If you want me to give you more time, then I'm willing to wait, give you space. Just tell me okay? Don't run away from me Lucy. I don't think I'll be able to bear it a third time."

"I'm sorry," she whispers, a tear rolling down her cheek.
I wipe it away, "Don't apologize sweetheart. Please, don't cry Lucy." Leaning in, I kiss away her tears. "So? How about it?"

She shakes her head, "I'm fine. Don't go anywhere please. I... I knew you wouldn't do anything Andrew, I knew you wouldn't hurt me.. at least not like that, I was just scared."
"Are you still scared?" I ask gently.
"No, not from you, never."
"So, we're fine?"
She nods and smiling, I press my lips to hers.

*Lucy's POV*

I freshen up in Andrew's washroom and then change into my jeans and the shirt he's kept out. I could easily go get something from Lily's wardrobe but I wanted to wear something of his, even though everything's way too big. I glance at myself in the mirror and smile, seeing his red shirt falling down almost to my knees. Am I really that short?

I don't want to leave the room. I've spent time in Andrew's room before but this is the first time I'm in here since we started going out. It's not messy but it isn't clean either. There are a few things sitting around the room but it's cozy and I really like it. And stepping out of the room means I need to face the world.

I just want to crawl back in bed into Andrew's arms. But he's downstairs, making breakfast. And I should go. Self-consciously tugging at the hem of the shirt, I step into the kitchen. Andrew's sitting at the table and he looks up when I enter. His eyes trail down me and he grins when he looks up.

I nod and walk towards the table. "Yes. Thanks."
He smiles and gestures at my plate of toast and cup of coffee. As I sit down, he pulls his own breakfast towards him, keeping the newspaper away.
"Do you need more sugar?" Andrew asks as I sip my coffee.

"Nope. It's perfect."
"Just like you." He winks, smiling and I glance down, my cheeks heating up. "Do you have any plans for today?" He asks.
"No, not really."
"Lily will be home late and I kind of have some work to do, but can we go out for lunch?"
Go out? Shit.

When I hesitate, he frowns. "Crap. I forgot. What are you going to do about him Lucy?"
"I don't know." I look down at my toast, taking a bite.
"You should tell your brother, he's going to be able to do more than I'll be able to when going to the police."
"And saying what?"

"He's messaging you isn't he?" When I nod, he continues, "Didn't Mark have a restraining order put on? He isn't supposed to be contacting you." I nod, more slowly this time. He's right. "And you have the messages right Lucy?"
"Then it's fine!"
"Okay." I nod. "But can you please come with me when I tell Mark?"
He agrees readily and I sigh, relieved.

After breakfast, Andrew and I sit in the living room, watching TV for half an hour until he gets up to go get his laptop. Sitting on the other end of the sofa, he starts going to through his emails. I watch half of a show and then turn on the news. Getting bored, I lay my head down on the back of the couch and watch Andrew, reading and then replying, his jaw working as he types. I watch, fascinated for some reason with every expression of his, as he reads something, tilting his head at the end and frowning.

He glances up after about fifteen minutes of me watching him.
"Are you bored?"
I shake my head, "No."
"I'm sorry. I couldn't finish yesterday and I-"

"I'm fine Andrew. Carry on."
"Have you been watching me?" He asks, smiling. When I nod, he laughs. "Why would you do something like that?" He reaches for my hand, linking his fingers through mine.
"Because you're entertaining."
He chuckles, "I'll take that as a compliment."

I call Mark later on and he answers immediately. I feel bad as we talk. He worries about me for a reason and I bother him so much. Before we hang up, I ask him if Andrew and I can stop by in half an hour because I had to talk to him. He agrees, saying he'll be waiting.

As Andrew drives to Mark's place, I get more nervous. Andrew reaches over and squeezes my hand, giving me a reassuring smile. He parks the car and then leans over and I meet his lips halfway, needing the reassurance more than I'm letting on.

"It's going to be fine." He whispers, kissing my cheek. Unbuckling his belt, he gets out and gets my door as I step out.
I ring the doorbell and then step back, straight into Andrew. His arm comes around my waist as the door opens.

"Hey you two." Mark smiles, his eyes lingering on me for a few seconds longer. "Come in."
Both of us step inside and follow Mark to the living room.
"Where are the kids?" I ask, sitting down. Andrew sits down next to me.
"Vanessa's taken them to their grandparents' place." He smiles at Andrew. "How are you? Taking good care of my little sister?"

Andrew leans forward, a smile on his lips. "I'm fine. I hope so." He glances at me for a second. "There's actually something we need to... talk to you about."
"Yes?" Mark glances at the me.
"Lucy?" Andrew asks gently. I nod, my mouth going dry. I've suddenly lost my voice. Andrew seems to get the hint and turns to Mark. "It seems that... Nick's turned up and he's contacting Lucy."

He doesn't get further than that thanks to Mark.
"He's here?! That bastard?"
I nod and Mark gets up, coming and sitting beside me. "And? Did he come near you?" He asks, taking my hand.
I shake my head, "No. He didn't."
"Do you have the messages? When did he last message you?"
"I don't know. I've stopped reading my messages." I pull out my phone and drop it in Mark's hand.

He starts to go through my phone but then looks up.
"You were at home alone last night?!"
I shake my head, "I was at Vanessa's place for dinner."
"Lucy," Mark shakes his head, his tone dead serious.
"AND then I went home and after a few hours went over to Andrew's place."
Mark glances at him and Andrew nods.
"And tonight? You'll stay here?"

"Dad's supposed to come tonight, but he sounded like as if he wanted to stay longer when I spoke to him earlier."
"So? You'll stay here?" When I hesitate he smiles, "Or at Andrew's place? Anywhere, just not alone Lucy."
I nod, "Of course not. I'll stay with Andrew, if it's alright with him."
"Of course it is!" Andrew replies, taking my hand.

Satisfied, Mark nod and then looks down at my phone.
"Okay. I'll head over to the police station in a while."
"But Mark, what about Andrew?"
He looks between the both of us, confused. "What about him?"
"Nick said I have to stay away from him and then that I have to break up with him or he'll get hurt."
"Lucy, I can take care of myself." Andrew interjects.
"I'll see what I can do."
"When I'm with him, it's fine. But he's gonna go to work. I can't stay with him then!" I say, getting worried just thinking about it.

"Alright Lucy. I'll try to work it out."
"Okay. We should go, so you can head over to the police."
Mark shakes his head, smiling. "No way. Vanessa would kill me if she knew I didn't get you guys anything especially with it being Andrew's first time since you've started dating. So, what can I get you?"
I get up," It's my house too Mark. I'll go get something."

*Andrew's POV*

Mark and I watch as Lucy walks out of the living room.
"How is she?"
I turn to see Mark watching me, "Better."
"At least she told us."
I sigh, "I know."
"I haven't seen her so happy for a long time. Whatever you're doing, you're doing a great job."
I chuckle, looking at him. "Thanks."
We leave fifteen minutes later. Mark walks us to the door and taking Lucy's hand, I lead her to my car. She slides in, saying nothing. As I start my car I glance at her.

"Can we go home Andrew?" She asks, looking at me.
"Sure." I shrug.
"Home as in your place."
"Of course darling."

She's quiet the drive home and I keep glancing at her, worried. When I pull up into my driveway, I turn to her. She kisses my cheek before hoping out of the car. Puzzled, I follow her out, locking my car. She waits patiently by the door as I unlock it and I then follow her in. She kicks off her shoes and turns, reaching for me.

Her arms wrap around my neck and she presses her lips to mine. Smiling against her mouth, I kiss her back.
"What was the silence for?" I ask minutes later.
"I could hardly kiss you on Mark's driveway could I?"

Laughing, I kiss her nose and quickly duck down, lifting her up. Lucy let's out a shriek, surprised as I throw her over my shoulder and head upstairs. In my room, I kick my door closed and dropping her on my bed, sit down. Leaning over her, I kiss her hungrily. Lucy's hands trail up my back, her fingers curling around my hair and pulling me closer. I lean on my elbow, balancing my weight as I devour her lips. When Lucy pulls back, greedily taking in some air, I trail my lips along her jaw and down her throat, where I enjoy her warmth, the taste of her skin. Her hands trail down and soon are sneaking under my shirt. The feel of her warm fingers on my skin sends a shock through my body and I look up and crush my lips to hers. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I register the fact that a car's turned onto our driveway and hear a door banging closed, the noises coming in through my open window, but I'm too occupied with Lucy for it to matter.

I pull back, just enough for her to pull off my shirt. It slips through her fingers as I close the distance between us again. Leaning back against my pillows, I pull her onto my lap and claim her mouth once more. Her hands are driving me wild as she moves them up my chest, over my shoulders and down my back. Catching a hold of them, I pull them around my neck, pulling her closer.

"Why?" Lucy whines and I chuckle, catching her lower lip between both of mine.
"You have any idea what you're doing to me?"
She pulls back, a smile curving her lips. "Really? No of course not. What Am I doing to you?"

Groaning I pull her back, my hand slipping into her hair to hold her still as I attack her lips. She kisses back just as hard, her tongue seeking mine.

Suddenly my door's thrown open and Lucy pulls back quickly, turning towards the door.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was disturbing. Sorry." Lily quickly closes the door and Lucy slowly turns to look at me. Yes, I saw her red eyes as well, but instead of saying anything I lean in and continue kissing Lucy.

"Andrew, we need to go talk to her, something's wrong."
"Yeah, I know. In a minute." I mumble.

Keeping one arm firmly around her waist to prevent my hand from wandering, I duck my head down to bite at her neck. Lucy moans slightly and I pull back, covering her mouth with mine.
"Come on. Let's go." I'm finally able to hold myself back.
Looks like she's not, though. "Yeah, just a second."

Laying her head on my shoulder, she trails a finger down my chest and I shiver, my arms around her waist holding her closer.
Sighing, she pulls back. "Okay. Come on."

I pick up my shirt from the floor and pull it on as she walks to the door, her fingers running through her hair. Lucy reaches for the door handle but I beat her to it. Keeping my hand on the door, I make her turn around and it's like she reads my mind. Her arm around my neck, she presses her lips to mine, her body curving along the length of mine. I push her against the door, my hands on either sides of her as she wraps herself over me.

"I'll go get lunch ready and come up, yeah? You go talk to her." I tell Lucy once we make it out of my room. She nods and heads down the hallway.

Lunch is kind of quiet. Lily had poured out her whole break up with her boyfriend to Lucy by the time I got upstairs. She was upset, no doubt about that, but I know my sister. By tomorrow morning, she'll be out, flirting with the first hot guy she comes past. I don't think Lucy told her anything about Nick, so I kept my mouth shut as the girls chatted on. Lucy even offered to go shopping but Lily declined, saying she'd head over to bed.

Once we've cleared the table and washed the dishes, Lucy curls up in my arms in front of the television.
"What happened?" I asked, kissing her head.
"He is such an asshole! After spending the whole night with her, he tells her this morning that he's getting bored of the relationship and ends it. I swear, if I ever get my hands on him, he'll be sorry."
Laughing, I pull her close. "I'd like to see that!"

Smiling, she turns in my arms. Lucy silently looks at me, her eyes locked on mine and we sit that way for a while, just looking at each other.

Lucy spends the whole evening in Lily's room, once my sister wakes up. I have no idea what they do but it gives me sometime to finish up my work and get everything ready for tomorrow. The girls both cook up some dinner and we settle down to watch some movie before bed. Lucy and Lily both have classes tomorrow, so I take Lucy home to grab her things as soon as she hears from her Dad that he's extending his trip.

I'm in my room, cleaning up and getting ready for bed when Lucy knocks and walks in. She closes the door softly behind her.
"She's gone to bed?" I ask, looking up at her. Lucy nods and when I hold up my arms, happily slips into them, snuggling down in my chest. "You want to go change?" I ask.
"Yeah, I will."

I watch as she gets up and disappears into my washroom. I quickly change into shorts and a shirt and tidy up the bed. When she comes out, she's in my joggers and shirt again and I smile, watching her brush her hair.

When I slip into bed beside her, after turning off the lights, she moves closer to me and I pull her over me. I gently kiss her, my fingers trailing over her face, curving around her chin and tilting it up for better access to her mouth. When we pull back, we're both breathless and Lucy buries her face in my shirt. I wrap my arms around her, holding her against me and listen to her quiet breathing.

In the morning, it takes every ounce of my will to untangle myself from Lucy and get out of bed. I put a pillow in my place as Lucy reaches forward.

"Where are you going?" She mumbles.
"I have to get ready for work darling." I lean down and kiss her forehead.
She groans, lifting her face up, her eyes still closed and smiling, I reach down and peck her lips.
"Go back to sleep honey."

I pull the blanket up to her shoulders and watch her for a few minutes until she falls back asleep.

Going into the washroom, I freshen up, shaving and showering before changing into black pants. I dry my hair, slowly opening the bathroom door, not wanting to wake Lucy up. Walking to my wardrobe, I pull my shirt from the hanger and pull it on.

I glance myself in the mirror once I'm done getting ready. I place my laptop in its bag and zip it up, making sure I've got all of my paperwork.

"Andrew?" Lucy sits up, rubbing her eyes.
"Yes?" I walk over to her.
"You can switch on the light to get ready."
"I'm done darling. It's alright."
"Okay. Take care."

"You too." I sit down beside her and gently help her lie down. Leaning down, I kiss her forehead. "Stay with Lily okay?" She nods, looking up at me with sleepy eyes. "Call me before you leave home and when you get there."
"Okay." She reaches for me and I bend down. When I realize what she wants, I press my lips to her.
"Take care Lucy. I need you, alright?"
"Okay. You too." She rubs her thumb over my cheek. "You look really handsome."
"Thanks hun."
"And smell delish."

Laughing, I kiss her cheek. "Thank you. Now go to sleep. You have to get up soon."

It's with great difficulty I leave Lucy and head for work. Leaving my heart behind, I continuously pray that she'll be fine on her own.

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