Together As One - Chapter 20

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*Andrew's POV*

I'm not sure how I'm able to work but I get things done all the while worrying about Lucy. I'm not sure what exactly that girl's doing to me. Honestly, I think about her constantly everyday and it's not like I'm ever going to get bored or anything. The only logical explanation is that she must have cast a spell over me sometime since we started dating.

And the only illogical explanation is that I'm in love with her and I'm falling more in love with her everyday.

All these thoughts are rushing through my brain as I sit at my desk, answering calls and replying to emails. There's an outward calm around me that doesn't match what's going on inside.

Lucy calls me before she and Lily leave and 40 minutes later when I still haven't gotten a call, I call her, worried. She answers immediately telling me they just reached and she was about to call me. She tells me to stop worrying and cracks some joke about bringing money home and not losing my job. Smiling, I hang up, relieved after hearing her voice.

I leave work early, don't ask me how I finish, and I'm home an hour before Lily and Lucy are expected. Mum and Dad are back and as I enter the house, I'm enveloped in a huge hug from Mum.

"Hey Mum. Welcome back." I kiss her cheek as she pulls back. "Missed me?" I ask, grinning.

"Of course I did! You should have seen the places we visited!" And the floodgates open. I follow her into the kitchen and listen as she tells me all about their trip. Dad joins us halfway and somehow I'm able to put in that Lucy's staying with us at the moment because her parents are traveling. Both of my parents love her so they're happy, and Mum turns the topic onto our relationship.

I head upstairs a while later to get changed before the girls are home. Opening my bedroom door and switching on the light, I smile taking in the room. My bed's made, my clothes which have been lying around all folded and kept on the sofa at the side of the room. I carefully place my laptop bag by the desk and take all the folded clothes and put them inside my wardrobe. Pulling out my black jeans and green and head to the washroom to freshen up.

Hearing a car turn onto the driveway I get up from the sofa and head to the front door. Pulling it open I watch as Lily and Lucy get out and walk up to me.

"Oh, looks like Romeo's already home." Lily kisses my cheek. "Are mum and dad home?"

"Yup." I smile at Lucy as she comes to a stop in front of me. Taking her hand I gently pull her towards me and cover my mouth with hers. "How are you?" She smiles, pulling back. "Fine. And you?"

I step back allowing her to walk past me and into the house. Lily's bag's on the floor and I can hear her talking to Mum and Dad in the living room. "Fine. Great that you're now home."

She throws me a smile and I follow her to the living room, where she greets my parents and sits down and talks with them. We sit there for half an hour until I see her pull her phone out as Mum asks Lily something. She taps away at her phone and for an instant panic grips my throat but seeing a small smile on her lips, I calm myself down. Putting her phone away she glances at me for a second before joining the conversation. Moments later my phone vibrates in my pocket and pulling it out I see there's a message. Once I open it, I bite down on my lip from laughing. It's from Lucy.

If you're free could we please step out for a while.

Smiling, I look up at her and she's watching me. I give a slight nod before she looks back at my parents.

"You girls must be tired. Why don"t you go freshen up?" Mum says a while later and I sigh, relieved. I was wondering how I was going to get Lucy out of the room.

As they get up, I glance at Lucy. "How long will you need?"

"Just five minutes."

I nod and she and Lily leave the room. I follow Mum into the kitchen and tell her that Lucy and I are stepping out for a while and she smiles, okay with it. Once Lucy comes down I take her hand and lead her outside to my car.

"So, where do you want to go, ma'am?"
Chuckling she glances at me as she buckles her seat belt. "Wherever you want to take me."

When she asks, I tell her a bit about work today, not really wanting to bore her with the facts and then ask about college. The drive to the park which takes 15 minutes doesn't seem long as Lucy tells me what she took today and how her morning went.

Getting down, we walk hand in hand towards the park and once inside, Lucy wants to walk around for a while.

"Any name in mind for your school?" I ask.

She smiles, "I've got a few ideas but I'm not sure... that inspiration hasn't come yet."

I squeeze her hand, "It's okay. You've still got time." We walk quietly, enjoying the view. There are kids running around, people walking or playing with their dogs and the sound of the breeze playing in the trees is almost calming.

"What have you always wanted to do?" She asks looking up. "One thing that you've always thought about doing?"

"Hmm..." I gently rub my thumb over her hand as we walk, thinking. "I want to make a difference in one person's life. Know how it feels to make one person completely happy, I guess."

"But you already are."
"Who's?" I ask, looking at her, confused.
Lucy looks away, her cheeks slightly pink. "Mine."

I'm quiet for a few minutes, touched. I'm not sure how to respond for a while. "Lucy, you are the one making a difference in my life. I'm just here because I enjoy having you."

She rolls her eyes, "No. You're here because you make me happy and that's all I've ever wanted. And I'm not making any difference. You could have any girl in this world."

"No, I can't. And I don't want any girl. I want you."
"But still Andrew, You've made a difference in my life and you're making one everyday just by being with me."

"But, Lucy-"
"What? We can't both have made a difference in each other's lives?"
I laugh, pulling her closer. "Of course we can. I just wanted to know what you'd say."
She pushes me playfully and laughing I lead her to a bench.


"Lucy's POV*

I look around as we sit and an ice cream stall catches my eye.
"Do you want ice cream?" I ask, turning to Andrew.

He looks in the direction I was and starts to get up. "Sure. What do you want."
Taking his arm, I pull him back down. "I'll get it. Sit down. What do you want?"
Smiling, he looks up at me. "Chocolate."

"One chocolate coming right up."

I walk towards the stall, looking around at all the kids playing, couples lounging on blankets under trees and dogs running around. At the stall, I get a chocolate cone and a vanilla cone for myself. Walking back towards Andrew, I smile kindly at an elderly couple watching me.

As I near where we were sitting, I see our bench empty. I stop looking around but I'm sure that's where we were sitting and suddenly notice the crowd standing in front of the bench. The ice cream cones slip out of my hands as I run towards it, my heart pounding.

I push my way through the crowd and see Andrew on the floor beating up... beating up... I gulp, my blood running cold. Nick.

I swear my heart stops as Nick throws a punch at Andrew. I quickly step back, and with shaky hands pull out my phone and call Mark.

"Mark... Nick's beating up Andrew." I give him the address and he hangs up, promising to be there in five minutes. When I turn back, the crowd's trying to pull them apart. Andrew willing gets up but Nick's more aggressive.

"Lucy?" Andrew quickly turns around, looking for me and when he sees me, he rushes over. Pulling me into his arms, he hugs me really tight.

"Andrew, you're hurt."
"It's fine. Are you alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. But-" I glance over his shoulder and he quickly turns around as my eyes widen.

"You!" Nick points at me and as he lunges towards me, Andrew pushes me behind him, catching a hold of Nick's fist.
"Don't even try to touch her." Andrew spits out.

Just then Mark's car pulls up and so do two other police cars. A shocked expression crosses Nick's face and he quickly pulls back and tries to make a run for it but the crowd blocks his path.

"Lucy!" Mark pulls me into a hug, holding me tight. "You're alright?"
"Yeah, I'm fine."
His eyes trail over to Andrew. "Are you fine? Let's get you to a doctor."
Andrew shakes his head, "I'll be fine."

"I can't thank you enough."
"Don't then." Andrew's hand slips into mine. "I did it for me."
I give him a small smile as he looks down at me.

"Mr. Sheldon, Ms. Sheldon, Mr. Dawson, we'd like you to accompany us to the station please for your statements." The officer looks at Andrew. "Do you need medical attention young man?"

Andrew shakes his head. "I'm fine Officer. Thanks."

Nodding, we all head to our cars and follow the two police cruisers to the station.
I convince Andrew to let me drive because he looks shattered and I drive us home. To my place. His hand was on my leg during the whole ride and as I stop the car he opens his eyes.

"I need to clean you up." I say as he glances at me.
Andrew nods and follows me, taking my hand as I unlock the door. After grabbing a bottle of water, I lead him upstairs to my room and he sits down on my bed, looking around.

"Sorry, it's a mess." I apologize, moving things out-of-the-way.
"It's alright Lucy."

I throw him a smile before walking to my bathroom to get some cotton and antiseptic.

Andrew turns towards me, crossing his legs as I sit down on the bed beside him. He's got two bruises, one on his cheek another right above his eye. I gulp, tears threatening to spill as I gently run my finger over the bruise over his eye, the one that's worse. Andrew closes his eyes and I quickly swipe at a tear that spills out.

Tilting his face up, I gently clean out the cut he has on his lower lip. Andrew winces and I quickly pull my hand back.

"I'm sorry."
"It's okay." He smiles, looking at me.
"I'm really sorry Andrew."
"I'm fine."
Biting my lip, I lean in once more and carefully continue. Andrew clenches his jaw and finish off quickly.
"I'm sorry."
"I'm fine Luce."

He places a finger on lips and then slowly leans in and moves his finger, placing his lips there instead. I kiss him back, being as gentle as I can.

"I'm fine Lucy. Stop worrying."
He pulls me into his lap and I lay my head back against his shoulder.
"I'm sure."
"So? What do I care? How could he even touch you?" I ask, emotion blocking my throat, preventing me from speaking properly.
"Are you crying?" Andrew asks softly. He turns my face towards him and presses his lips to my forehead.

Reaching up, I trail my fingers down his face. Andrew closes his eyes as I sit up, and taking his face in my hands, I kiss him gently. He crushes his mouth to mine and as I make to pull away, slips his hand into my hair and keeps me from moving. I smile against his mouth and he moves back.

"Nothing." I run my fingers through his hair, then look at him, getting an idea. "I never did say thank you properly did I?"
He opens his mouth to say something and I can literally see the coin drop as he understands what I mean. "I'm sure you didn't." He answers, a smile tugging at his lips.

"So are you going to keep me prisoner here or can I take you home?" Andrew asks later-much later- as we're lying down.

I look up at him. "Aren't we home?"
He smiles, his fingers moving through my hair. "Of course we are. But Mum and Dad might be expecting us."

"Oh." I run my tongue over my lips, thinking.
Andrew groans, "Don't do that." His thumb traces my lips as he speaks. "We could stay here. Just say the word. I'll just call Mum and tell her we might be home late."

"Will you be fine with it?"
"Of course."
"Are you sure?"
"Alright then."
"Aright, we'll stay here?" I nod and watch as he pulls out his phone and calls his mom.


*Andrew's POV*

My arm instinctively tightens around Lucy as she moves. She murmurs something in her sleep, turning around in my direction. Her fingers curl around my shirt's collar as she moves closer.

In my sleep I hear a phone ringing and it takes me a while to realize that there really is a phone ringing and it's not only a dream. Lucy's already moving away from my arms and I feel incomplete as my arms grasp thin air. I struggle to open my eyes, feeling pain rush to the bruise above my eye. I clench my jaw, trying to keep the pain out of my eyes and watch as Lucy sits up and reaches for the phone.

"Hello?" She asks sleepily. "WHAT?!" I sit up quickly, reaching for her hand. Lucy looks at me and smiles, her fingers linking through mine. "I wanted to tell you Lily, but-" I relax hearing it's just my sister. "I wanted to! But you came home crying and it wasn't important any more!... okay... yeah, he's fine. Who told you?... ooh okay... noo," Lucy glances at me, "He's sleeping. Alright... I will. Bye."

Sighing, she switches off the call and after placing her phone on her night stand, turns to me.

"I'm sleeping huh?" I ask pulling her back next to me. I close my eyes as she snuggles in next to me, her arms snaking around my waist.
"Did you want to talk to her?"
"Then don't complain."
Laughing, I kiss her forehead.


I glance at myself in the mirror.

The bruises are still there, as bad as ever, but the cut on my lip's disappearing slowly. The bruises got a lot of questions at work when I first went in and all I'd said was I'd gotten into a fight. That started a few jokes among my friends which I've had to go through the past week, but anything for my girl.

I'm having dinner with Mark's family and of course Lucy's going to be there. I haven't seen the kids for so long and Vanessa and Mark have been meaning to have me over for a while as far as I understood from Lucy, so tonight's the night. Straightening my collar, I look at myself one last time and then grab my wallet and phone and head downstairs.

I chuckle, hearing Carly and Craig's voices through the door once I ring the doorbell.
The door opens and I get a second to catch a glimpse of Lucy before the kids fly at me.

"Hey, you two! Where have you been hiding all these days?" I ask, dropping a kiss on Carly's cheek and messing up Craig's hair. "How are you?"
"I'm fine! How are you?" Craig looks up at me, smiling.
"I'm good. Hey." I smile at Lucy as I step inside.
Lucy grins. "Hey yourself."
I shoot a glance towards the kids before leaning in and kissing her cheek. "Looking hot."

Her eyes widen as I move away and I smile, satisfied. I knew she'd be surprised since I've never said she's hot, it's always beautiful, gorgeous. Not that she's never looked hot, I just don't prefer to use the word. My eyes trail over her, a knee-length yellow dress that fits her to perfection, her caramel hair flowing down her back in soft curls and cute yellow stilettos on her feet. Slowly I lift my eyes up to hers to see her blushing and smiling I turn to the kid. Mission accomplished.

Carly gasps loudly. "What happened to your face?" She reaches up and I crouch down in front of her. She touches the bruise above my eye which has turned purple. "How did you get an owie?"

"Well, I got into a fight."
"With whom?" Craig asks, standing beside his sister, who's gently touching my bruise.
I wince unconsciously.
"Carly! Don't touch it!" Lucy scolds her. For some reason, over the past week, I've come to find Lucy's very... sensitive about the bruises.
"It's alright Luce."
"I'm sorry. Can I kiss it? Mommy says if she kisses your owie it'll get better."
I smile, "Sure honey. Go ahead."

"Maybe Aunt Lucy should kiss it." Carly looks up at Lucy, with a naughty smile.
Lucy raises an eyebrow, "Why? You go ahead Car."
Reaching up on her toes, Carly softly kisses my eye. I take the opportunity to grab her. She lets out a gasp and as I start tickling her, starts laughing.

Her laughter brings Vanessa and Mark to the door. As they stand beside each other, I can't help think how perfect they are for each other and how very much in love they look every time I see them. Smiling, I stand up, holding Carly in my arms.

"Hey Mark, Vanessa."
Mark shakes my hand but Vanessa pulls me into a hug.
"I'm so glad you could come."
"Me too!" Carly exclaims.
"I'm glad I came. Especially to see you munchkin." I kiss Carly's cheek.

I follow Lucy and the whole family into the living room. Vanessa sits for a while as we talk, Carly and Craig trying to get my attention every two minutes but then she gets up and heads towards the kitchen. I glance at Lucy, who's looking through a book with Craig and smile, relaxing back into the sofa and continue talking with Mark.

When we go for dinner, Carly and Craig fight to sit beside me and I finally tell them I'll sit between the both of them. Lucy watches, smiling, not making any move to stop the children's argument.

The whole dinner, Carly and Craig chatter away and I exchange amused glances with Lucy over their stories. As dinner finishes Vanessa asks them to help her in the kitchen and when she comes back with dessert, they aren't with her.

"Sorry, they were talking too much."
I chuckle, taking the plate she holds out for me. "It was fine! Thank you."
Vanessa throws me a smile, "Your girlfriend made that."
"Really?" I look up at Lucy from the beautifully decorated plate before me. "What is this?"
"Chocolate mousse."
"And this?" I point at what I already know is whipped cream, just wanting Lucy to answer.

Her eyes lock on mine and I know she's on to me.
"Whipped cream. And that's a strawberry on the side."
Mark chuckles, watching the two of us.
"Oh, I never noticed." I pick up my spoon and tuck in.

It's delicious, light and creamy. Yummy. Keeping my expression straight, I have a few bites and then resume my conversation with Mark. He chuckles a few times, glancing between both Lucy and me throughout our conversation.

"Put her out of her misery Dawson." Mark says, chuckling.
"What do you mean?" I ask, glancing at Lucy who rolls her eyes.
"Did you like the mousse?" Vanessa asks, sitting down beside me.
"Of course. It's delicious. I can't stop eating it."
"You could have said so before." Lucy says, narrowing her eyes.
I grin, "Why? Were you worried?"
"Of course not."
Mark laughs as she turns away from me.

"Andrew?" Vanessa appears in the doorway.
"The kids are asking for you. They want you to put them in bed."
Smiling, I get to my feet, "Sure."

I kiss Carly's forehead and get up. She stirs in her sleep, her arm wrapped around her bear. Switching off her bedroom light, I step out of the room to see Lucy standing out.

"She's asleep?"
Lucy smiles, "Mark and Vanessa are waiting for you downstairs."
"Are they now." I reach for her, pulling her against me. Leaning in, I press my lips to hers for a soft kiss. "So, you can cook huh? I never knew you were that good." I murmur against her skin. "You'll make a good wife one day."
As her eyes widen I pull away and taking her hand lead her downstairs, her expression still shocked.


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