Together As One - Chapter 21

I'm really sorry to say this but...
*Lucy's POV*

Uggh. What on earth did he mean?
I squeeze my eyes shut, hoping that my brain will shut up and let me sleep. Burying my face in my pillow, I lie still for a few minutes but it doesn't seem to work.
Oh God.
This isn't fair!

He probably just meant it as a joke. He knew it would wind you up!
Yeah but still! Why would he randomly say that?
Ugh. Stupid voice, just shut up!
Twenty minutes later, I still can't fall asleep so sitting up, I reach for my phone.
It's only fair that he doesn't sleep if I can't.

"Lucy?! What's wrong?"
"I'm fine! There's nothing wrong."
"Then? What time is it?"

I smile, listening to movement on the other side of the line. He must be sitting up.
"3:26. What are you doing up at 3:26?"
"Um... I couldn't sleep. Thanks very much to you."
"Me? What'd I do?" He hesitates for a second, "Ah, I see... Which one of the things I said last night are keeping you up?"
I chuckle, sinking down into my pillows.
"Why don't you tell me?"
"It could be about the mousse, which was delicious by the way and I'd love another bowl of... Or it could be all the jokes your brother kept on cracking about the two of us. Which one?"

"That's all the choices you're going to give me?"
"Yeah, there wasn't anything else was there?"
I roll my eyes. He'll purposely leave that one out and make me say it. Not going to happen.
"Nope nothing else."
"So which one gorgeous?"

"I don't like you Andrew. You're very annoying."
"I know love. That's why I'm dating you and not myself."
"I wondered." I chuckle.
"I really wish you were here Lucy."
"Andreeeew.." I whine.
"I'm not kidding. I wish you were with me wherever so I could hold you and kiss you.."

*Tory's POV*

Saturday afternoon, I go about my apartment, cleaning up and I'm just finishing off in the kitchen when my door bell rings. Washing my hands, I head towards the door, surprised. Who could it be? It's definitely not Brian, he's on a business trip.

I open the door to find a delivery man standing on my doorstep, holding a bouquet of red roses.
"Tory Ryans?"
"Delivery for you. Could you please sign this?"
"Yup, sure." I take the pen from him and sign my name onto the sheet and smile as he nods and walks off. Closing the door I bury my nose in the bouquet taking in the fragrance of the roses. Spotting a card, I pull it out, a smile already tugging at my lips.

Dinner date at 8? Dress fancy.
Love you,

Smiling, I kiss the card before heading to the kitchen to find something to put the flowers in.

*Lucy's POV*

I open the door and drink in the vision of him in a tux, a crisp white collar poking out of his coat. God, why does he have to look so good in everything?! Meeting his eyes, I glare at him.

"What do you want?" I ask, crossing my arms and leaning against the door.
"To take you out on a date."
"What do you want?" I ask again, accusingly.
He raises an eyebrow. "Lucy?"
"What's wrong?" He asks, tilting his head to the side, his expression confused.
"Andrew! Taking my girl out?" Dad walks up to us, smiling.
"Yes Sir. I will if she lets me."
"Dad he's being mean." I turn towards him and shoot him a wink. He nods and turns to Andrew.

"Why are you being mean?"
He shrugs, "No idea. I'm trying to find out what I did wrong."
"It was last time, not now."
"I'll leave you two to it." Dad chuckles before heading upstairs.

Andrew's eyes follow Dad all the way up before he turns to me. "What'd I do Lucy?"
"I called you hoping you'd put me to sleep. What'd you do instead?"
He smiles, "You weren't the only one suffering!"
"But still."

Andrew glances behind me before stepping up to me. He reaches for my hand and links his fingers tightly through mine.
"How about I make it up to you?"
"Mmmm... I don't know."

He leans down and presses his lips to mine, soft yet firm. And so delicious.
"Please. Let me make it up to you."
My hands slide down to his suit coat and underneath but his fingers wrap around my wrist and he pulls them up around his neck. "Lucy, please don't."
"Alright. You can make it up to me." I say, pulling back.
He grins. "Thank you." Swooping down, he places a kiss on my nose. "I've got a table booked 9. Can you be dressed in twenty?"

"Don't rush me, handsome."
Chuckling he pushes the door closed behind him. "Alright. It's fancy yeah?"
Sighing, I cross my arms. "You, Andrew, are wearing a suit. Would you be wearing a suit if you were taking me for a pizza?"
"Nope." He grins.

"Okay then. Point made. You look delicious by the way."
"Delicious enough to eat?" He raises an eyebrow.
As I start to walk towards the stairs, I throw over my shoulder.
"Eat? I'd devour you if given the chance."
There. Let him think what he wants.
Satisfied at getting even, I head upstairs to dress up for Andrew.

*Tory's POV*

I look myself over, making sure everything perfect. I'm wearing a black satin dress that fits me perfectly. It's a one shoulder dress and the strap is made up of gray leaves trailing down to my neckline where it blossoms into a beautiful black and gray flower, the leaves continuing around my neckline and down to my waist. There's a slit down my dress a few inches below the leaves. I have on a silver necklace Brian had given me a few months ago that has his initial on. A dark gray ring adorns my left hand, bangles on my right arm. I glance down at my gray heels.

A relieved sigh slips out once I realize I look fine. My hair's flowing down my back, left in its natural waves. My makeup is minimum, just how Brian likes it. Eyeliner, gray eye shadow and some lip gloss.

Okay, I'm ready.
I stuff some money into my gray clutch and I'm looking around for my phone when the bell rings.
That must be him.

Smiling, I head towards the door, butterflies in my stomach for some reason.
I have a feeling this is going to be a memorable dinner.
I'm not sure why though.
I open the door, smiling, to see a man dressed all in black standing in front of my door.
"Yes?" I ask, making sure I still have my smile on.

"Ms. Tory Ryans?"
"The car is here, ma'am."
"Oh okay..." I hesitate, kind of confused. "And who sent the car?" I ask slowly, the question sounding stupid to my own ears.
"Mr. Sheldon, ma'am."

"Alright. Just a minute." I close the door and walk back to my room to grab my bag. I find my phone charging and slip it into the bag as well.

Outside my apartment, I lock my door and then follow the man to the elevator. The ride down is silent and I shift uncomfortably on my feet as we wait for the elevator to come to a stop.

As we step out of my apartment, my mouth drops. Literally. I'm not kidding.
I glance at the man, I mean, chauffeur and follow him.

He holds the door open to the limo and looks at me, a small smile on his face, waiting for me to slide in.

*Lucy's POV*

I quickly run a brush through my hair before grabbing my phone and heading down to Andrew.

I've got a short dark blue strapless dress on. It falls just above my knees and has a black satin ribbon tied right below my chest. Black net with a floral pattern flows over the dress giving it a trendy look yet not making it look informal at the same time. I've paired it with black heels and my hair's down naturally, my blond waves trailing down my back. I've got blue bangles on my arm and a black ring on my other hand.

I stop by my parents' room on my way down and Dad whistles when he sees me, making me blush. After saying good night to them both, I hurry downstairs.

Andrew gets to his feet, switching off the TV. His eyes seek me out and he slowly looks me down, his lips parting. I stand by the door and he joins me there, coming to a stop right in front of me.

"Is your sole purpose in life to torture me?"
I raise an eyebrow in question and he leans in, his lips by my ear.
"You look absolutely... breathtaking in that dress."

His warm breath tickles my ear, making the hair at the back of my neck stand up. Taking in a shaky breath, I take the hand he holds out and follow him to his car.

*Tory's POV*

I look around the limo, still not believing I'm here. There's a rose on the far corner of the seat and I reach for it, finding a paper rolled around the stem.

There's champagne in the fridge. Enjoy Honey.

Smiling, I spot the small fridge in the corner and opening it, find a bottle of champagne and a glass. I pour myself some and sink into the leather seats, taking in the scent. It almost smells like roses in here.

The ride lasts about forty minutes. I watch the city fly past, looking magical tonight and feeling so, so spoiled.

The limo stops in front of a hotel and the chauffeur gets out and holds the door open. I get out and look about myself. A uniformed guard comes down the stairs and nods at me.

"Ms. Tory Ryans?"
"Right this way please."

I follow the guard up the stairs and he holds the door open for me. I step through and he follows.
"This way please."

I follow the guard through a reception and he pushes a door open and I walk through that as well. He doesn't follow though and I'm about to start panicking but then, someone gets up from a table right in front of me in the middle of the room.

Brian stands up, impeccably dressed in a gray suit and pink shirt. He starts walking towards me, his eyes burning into mine, and people glance our way, a few girls glaring at me, while their guys eye me up.

Ugh, I want to disappear. Or even better, hide in Brian's arms.

As he gets nearer, I catch sight of a pink rose tucked into his breast pocket. He holds his hand out and I slip my hand into his warm one and follow him to our table.

"How are you?" Brian asks, once he's seated opposite me.
I smile, "Wonderful. You?"
"Same as you."
His smile broadens as I glance down, blushing. His open admiration, the honesty in his eyes, making me feel shy.
"Tory?" He says softly.
I look up, "Yeah?"

"You've outdone yourself tonight. You look... beautiful beyond words. I really can't describe how sensational you look right now. Everyone in this room had their eyes on you."
"Thank you." I feel my cheeks heaten up more-much more. "No, they weren't."
"Yes, they were. I was looking while you were checking me out."

I chuckle, "Of course. If you're looking so handsome, how do you expect me to stop myself?"
I look at him as he fiddles with his fork once we've ordered. "When did you get back?"
"This afternoon." He smiles at me. "Today's a special day."
"Really?" I wrack my brain trying to remember if I should know anything important today. "Why?"
He grins, "You'll see."

*Lucy's POV*

I lean against the balcony, enjoying the warm breeze when two arms encase me from behind. Andrew's cologne wafts towards me and I breathe it in greedily, taking in his scent.
"Did you enjoy the meal?" Andrew asks, his lips at my cheek.
"Yes. It was scrumptious."
"Thank God."
"And the company was absolutely wonderful."

"Was it now?" He murmurs, turning my face towards him, he gives me a short, but sweet, kiss.
"You know how lucky I am?" I ask as him as he pulls me closer.
"Nope. Tell me please."

Laughing, I lean back into him and he rests his chin on my shoulder.
"I have got by far the most sweetest, loving and handsome guy ever. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world."
"On the contrary, I've got the most caring, most loving and by far the most beautiful girl in the world. I feel so much luckier."
"Andrew, why do you always copy me!"

He laughs, pulling back and I turn around to face him. "I know, I've been bothering you. What I said the other day, I meant. You'll make a wonderful wife and I want to make you MY wife one day." I stare up at him, my heart starting to pound more every second. His eyes are looking down into mine with such... love. I don't know if I want to cry or just kiss him! "I don't want anything more than to make you my wife and keep you happy and loved forever. But before I do that, I want to spoil you crazy. And love you."

I gulp, looking at him, looking so handsome, in a suit. All dressed up just to take me on a surprise date.
No one has done something so wonderful for me. Ever.
Except Mark but he's family, it doesn't count.

I open my mouth, wanting to reply but not sure what exactly to tell him after all that.
"Lucy, ever since you were little and you used to come and play with my little sister, I have been... what do I say? Enchanted by you. I used to agree to play with the two of you because if I were the prince when we played dress up, then I'd get to save you, my princess, and even if it was all pretend, and just for a little while, I'd get those few minutes with you. I used to walk you two to school because then I'd get to listen to your talk. And later on, I'd agree to drive you two around because I'd be able to take care of you, spend some time with you even if my sister was there. You could have called it pure infatuation but I was completely taken by you... and I still am. I don't know how to say this exactly, but Lucy, I really mean it when I say I'd do anything in the world for you. I love you so much. It's taken me the last few months to realize that all these years of obsessing over you, I've actually been head over heels in love with you."

*Tory's POV*

Brian holds the door open for me and I step into his apartment.
"Brian, you never told me why today was so special."
"Well..." He takes my hand and leads me towards his living room. "Today is special because, you see." He runs his tongue over his lips, looking nervous. "I'm not that great with words Tory but you know how the world revolves around the sun? Yeah, well my world revolves around you the same way. You're the focal point of everything to me and I just... I... oh God! I suck at this!"

"No! You don't!" I smile, holding back a laugh, "Continue. I'm enjoying it."

He glares at me for a second before glancing down. "What I'm trying to say is... I really, really love you and..." I watch in shock as he slides down on one knee and pulls out a box, flipping it open to reveal a beautiful ring... "I'm hoping you'll say yes, just like you've said 'yes' to so many things, when I ask. Tory, will you make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?"


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