Together as One - Chapter 3

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*Lucy's P.O.V*

"Hey beautiful."
I glance up from the menu and into the eyes of Aaron Drew, one of the hottest guys in college.
"Hey." I shoot him a smile and turn back to the menu.
"What you ordering?" He asks, looking over my shoulder.
I pull away and push the menu towards him. "I'm actually waiting for someone."
"Alright." He glances at me curiously.
"Uh... I'll see you later."
Turning around, I make my way out of the restaurant. Out in the sunlight, my heart starts to slow down as I reach my car. Sliding inside, I buckle up and lean my head against the steering wheel.

Ever since that incident with Nick, I've been paranoid about guys. Thanks to Vanessa and the talk we had. I was able to sort of put it behind me and start eating again, but I'm not going to deny the fact that at 20, I'm too scared to even think of going into any relationship.
As my phone starts ringing, I pull it out.
"Hey Lily." I greet my childhood best friend.
"Hey girlfriend! Why so down?"
I sigh. Nothing can pass her unnoticed. "Nothing. Just bumped into Aaron."
"And you flirted back."
"Nope." I turn on my engine and start backing out.

She sighs. "Alright. I just called to tell you that we're going shopping tomorrow."
"Lily I-"
"Not a discussion. I'm telling you, not asking."
"Lemme guess. Andrew's coming?"
"Yup." She answers cheerfully. "He has to. The shopping trip's mostly for him."
"I don't have a choice, do I?"
"You do know that I hate you, right?"
"Yeah. I've noticed."
"Good. Don't forget it."
"I'll see you at ten tomorrow. We'll drive over."

I hang up, sighing. Andrew is Lily's elder brother. He's twenty-three and, I've got to admit, very cute. He isn't the type that would turn heads everywhere, but he does have a certain charm. The sweetest guy in the world, he's just a bit taller than my 5'6 frame with sandy brownish blond hair, dark brown eyes and a smile that's just.. Wow. Yeah, I had a crush on him... or better put, I've always had a crush on him, but you know how it goes. I'm his little sister's best friend. Why would he look at me? And anyway, I'm off guys for a long time to come. My main priority is to finish college and with Mark's help, get my Arts & Design school established. The one thing no one's been able to snatch away from me. My dream.

*Vanessa's P.O.V*

"Dadeeee!" Carly runs out of the kitchen as Mark calls out hello from the hallway.
He enters the kitchen, carrying Carly, Craig following.
"Hey." Reaching over he plants a kiss on my lips.
"Ew!" Craig cries.
Carly glances at her brother and copies, "Ew!"
"Hey! What'd you say?" Mark asks, placing Carly on the counter.
"Ew." She repeats, scrunching up her nose.
He starts to tickle her and her shrieks fill the kitchen. Craig laughs and turning to him, I lift him onto the counter and Mark starts tickling him as well.

"Now what'd you say?" Mark asks again.
Both children scramble off the counter, "Ew!"
"Oh no you didn't!" He takes a step closer to them and they run out of the kitchen, screaming.
Chucking, Mark turns to me and pulls me in for a tight hug. "I missed you."
"I did too."
He kisses my forehead. "Lemme go get those two. Did Lucy call by the way?"
I shake my head and he nods, taking off his suit coat, but I can see the worry in his eyes.

Ever since she started going out with that Nick guy, he's worried about her. Growing up with two brothers, she's supposed to be tough, but she's the girliest girl I know. Mostly because by the time she'd grown up, Mark was in college and Brian was traveling most of the time and she didn't spend that much time with them.

The changes were all there for us to see when she started dating Nick. It was fine at the beginning, but as time went on, the cheerful Lucy we knew started disappearing, a more quiet one taking her place.
I sigh, listening to the children's shrieks from the den. Thank God she opened up to me before anything more happened.
Lucy and I were always close, but that night brought us so much closer and loving her like the sister she is to me, I was able to help her as much as I could.
But I knew that we'd not get our Lucy back for a while. Not until she got completely past everything that happened and maybe until she found someone that'd treat her like she deserves.

*Lucy's P.O.V*

Pulling my hair back into a pony, I step back and look at myself in the mirror. Yellow top, faded blue jeans and my favorite blue Converse. My caramel colored hair is brushed and held neatly in a yellow scrunchie. Satisfied, I drop my things into my handbag and look around the room just as a car honks from outside. Glancing out of my window, I see a car parked in my driveway.
"Hey!" Lily says excitedly when I slip into the backseat.
"Hey guys! Oh my God, Andrew you finished it!"
He shoots me a grin, looking back, "What do you think?"

"It's awesome." I look around at the car he built up from scratch. It's completely like a car you'd get from a showroom. "You've got to show this to my brothers. They'll love it."
"And check out the seats."
I gasp. "Oh my God!"

*Andrew's P.O.V*

Lucy gasps and glancing back, I see the biggest smile on her face.

A few months back, Lucy had come over and when my sister had to step out for a while, she'd wandered into the garage, where I was working. She'd helped me wash my car, not the one I built but my showroom bought car, and that somehow led to a water fight. Before we knew it, we'd started using some of the spray paint cans that were lying around. Needless to say, the garage was a huge mess once we'd come to our senses and glancing around, Lucy had suddenly gasped. I'd just had new car seats delivered the other day and in our fun, we'd sprayed paint all over it. It was a mixture of red and blue on the black leather. She was SO apologetic, but truth be told, I couldn't care less. I'd just had a wonderful time with her. Once I'd convinced her it was fine, which took A LOT of time, we'd gone over the seats and they didn't look that bad. Kinda funky and even though it was probably too funky for a twenty-four year old's car, I'd still put them in.

"Look! My name's over here!"
Smiling, I start backing out of the driveway. That's one thing I love about Lucy. The smallest of things give her the biggest pleasures.

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Published: 11/3/2011
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