Together as One - Chapter 8

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*Vanessa's POV*

"I'll get that." Mark gently pulls me off his lap to go and answer the doorbell.
A few seconds later he walks back into the room, smiling.
"Guess who it is?"
"No kidding." I sit up properly.
"Yup. I think it's better if you answer the door."

Getting to my feet, I walk towards the front door. I glance through the peep-hole before, opening the door.
Andrew's standing in a leather jacket, his hands stuffed into his pockets.
"Hi... Um... Can I please speak to Lucy?"
I smile, "Hey, Andrew. She went to bed a while back. Let me just check if she's awake."
"It's alright then. I'll just talk to her later."
I shake my head," Let me check. Do you want to come in?"

"No I'm alright."
I leave the door open, in case he changes his mind, and step back into the hallway. Mark raises his eyebrow as I walk past the living room, but I just shake my head and head upstairs.
Knocking softly on the door, I open it and step inside to see Lucy fast asleep. "She's asleep. Is there a message I can take?"

He shakes his head, "No it's alright. I just wanted to thank her." He hesitates. "Um... And I'm sorry for disturbing so late. I didn't realize the time... that it was so late."
"It's okay. You weren't disturbing."
"Okay. Thanks. Good night."

He turns around and walks down the driveway. I try to keep my mouth shut, but it doesn't seem to want to listen to me.
"Andrew?" He turns and in that instant, I see a resemblance to Mark in the way his hair moves in the breeze, the way he's standing. Shaking my head, I give him a small smile. "Don't give up on her."
He nods after a second of hesitation and then slips into his car. Biting my lip, I step back inside my house.

"What'd he say?" Mark asks.
I snuggle down into his arms. "Nothing. Just that he wanted to speak to her."
"And my wife didn't give him any advice?"
"What are you talking about?"
He chuckles, "I didn't think so."
I playfully elbow him, drawing out a laugh.
He knows me too well.

I straighten my collar, glancing at myself in the mirror for the last time. Tory and I have been going out for over a month. It's usually lunch dates or spending the weekend together. We've managed to have three dinner dates, with both of our busy work schedule.
My phone rings and I quickly pull it out of my pocket, hoping she's not canceling. Seeing Vanessa's name flash on the screen, I let out a relieved sigh.

"Hey Ven."
I quickly tidy up my room. Tory's never been to my flat, so you never know. I don't want her to think I live in a dump. Not that I'm that messy.
"How was your day?" I ask after the waitress disappears with our order.
She leans forward, her elbows resting on the table. The small candles between the both of us, reflecting in her eyes, making her eyes shine.
I watch as she smiles, my eyes trapped in her beauty.

"It was fine. The usual. What about you?"
I return her smile, "The same."
"Really? The business world up there is calm?"
I chuckle, "Yeah for the moment. No new deals."
She laughs, "Helps to be going out with one of the senior managers of my workplace. I'll know when drastic changes are going to take place."

I scoff, "As if I'd tell you!"
She raises an eyebrow, "Wouldn't you now?"
"Not a chance. Give inside info to an employee?" I raise a hand to my heart, "Dear God!"
She laughs, sitting back, "Is that how it is, huh?"
I'm not able to reply as our food arrives.
"Oh God. Brian, I am stuffed." Tory leans back in her chair, cradling her glass of wine.

I chuckle and motion for the waiter to bring our check.
"Why do you even bring me to places like this. Not only must that bill worth a fortune, but you know I can't help myself and eat!"
I grin, "That's exactly why I bring you here!"

Over the last month, Tory's appetite has grown. Much to my satisfaction. When we first started going out, she was hardly eating anything and I was really worried about something being wrong. I've gotten her to eating properly though, even if she jokingly tells me every so often she's going to become really fat soon.

She groans, draining her glass as I slide a note into the folder and hand it back to the waiter. After collecting our coats, we head out into the cold night.
"I might not be able to walk all the way to your car. You've stuffed me with too much food!"
"Then you can walk home. I don't want a flat tire."

"Hey!" She playfully reaches up to punch me, but I catch her arm before it touches mine.
She turns towards me, her eyes searching mine, her cheeks slightly pink from the chilly breeze. Taking in a breath of cold air, I pull her close and press my lips to hers.
She doesn't hesitate, to my relief, kissing me back. Her arms wind around my neck and I pull her close, lost in the kiss.

Softly laughing, Tory pulls away, "Brian, I think the restaurant people would appreciate it, if we stop making out in front of their door." She glances over my shoulder and then smiles up at me. "And I might freeze here."
"Shit! I forgot." Taking her hand, I lead her to my car and hold her door open. She slides in and I hurry over to my side to switch on the heater. Glancing over, I bite my lip. "Sorry, Tor. Forgot you were wearing a dress."

She chuckles, "Don't be sorry. And you forgot huh?"
I roll my eyes, "Yeah actually, I did."
No need to tell her that it was just for that short moment. That short blue dress she has on has been teasing me all night.
"Sure Brian. Where are you taking me?" She asks, as I back out of the parking lot and hit the highway.
"My place?" She shrugs, smiling and starts going through my music.
"Here we are."

"Nice neighborhood." She comments as I hold the door open for her. I close the door and press the lock button on my keys, locking the doors. As we start making our way towards my apartment building, she slips her hand into mine.

"So, this is your hub, huh?"
I chuckle, "Yup."
She kicks off her heels, looking around the hall. Hanging up her coat, I turn to her and pull her towards me.
"Since we aren't standing in front of any restaurant..."

She smiles just before our lips meet. With her heels on, she was my height but now, she's reaching up on her toes. An arm around her waist, I guide her towards the wall and push her against it, dropping my head down to meet hers. Her fingers play with my collar before slowly trailing up my neck and burying themselves in my hair. I shudder and she pulls away, smiling.

"What's this Mr. Sheldon?"
"This," I say, stepping back giving her some room, "Is what you do to me."
She laughs. "How romantic Brian. Now what else can that mouth of yours do?"
When I raise an eyebrow, she grins, "Don't think naughty thoughts! That's SO not what I meant."
"What DID you mean?"
She grins before slipping away from between me and the wall.
"Catch me and I'll tell."
Shaking my head, I follow her into my apartment.

*Vanessa's POV*

I glance at Mark, who's standing beside the bed I'm lying on, holding my hand. He smiles at me, but I can clearly see he's nervous.
I squeeze his hand, "Hey. What are you worries about?"
He shakes his head, lifting my hand up and kissing it. "Nothing."
The doctor then enters and sits down in front of her equipment.
"Hey Vanessa. How are you feeling?" She asks as she applies the cold jelly-like thing on my abdomen.

"Better. The nauseous feelings are much less now."
"Good, good." She turns to her screen and then glances at both of us. "Remind me again if you want to know the sex or not?"
I glance up at Mark who's looking at me, giving me a last chance to change my mind.
"Yes. We'd like to know."
"Okay then."

Mark leans over me to be able to see the screen clearer. My eyes wander the screen, my heart pounding in my chest, as the doctor moves the thing... I can't remember what it's called... over my abdomen.

She holds it in one place and reaches over and points at the screen.
"See over here... that's the head. Everything looks fine..." She goes on.
I bite my lip, anxious and thankful that everything seems to be fine up till now.

"Are you two ready?"
I nod, glancing up at Mark.
"Okay then. It's a..." She pauses and I hold my breath.
"Congrats Mr and Mrs. Sheldon! You're having a son!"


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Published: 3/13/2012
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