Tonight Never Ends

I miss her is all you need to know.
Laying here still smelling your beautiful scent,
In my arms such nostalgic feeling,
But the skin on my heart is peeling,
When I open my eyes to the new morning
The new day and the night is over
You're gone and I'm alone.

My heart becomes heavy like a stone
I could go back in time when you were still mine.

As I fall asleep tonight,
It's like you are in my arms
The memories consume my heart and my soul,
As I close my eyes, I can still feel your warmth,
As if you were still here.

I can sleep again tonight,
Without any fears and no tears but baby,
Stay just for tonight,
And if you leave please don't wake me.

For in my dream's a place,
Where eyes can't see and ears can't hear,
Where any tear that falls is a happy memory,
No pain, no hate, no sorrow.

Just me and you alone tonight,
Away from this world and in my dream,
Tonight never ends,
I'll be here waiting in this bed,
Where my heart is dead,
And I can still hear the last words you said.

Unable to speak, unable to move the words,
Kept flowing through my mind...
"Please... stay just for tonight,
And if you leave,
Don't wake me, for in my dreams,
Tonight never ends...
Just you and me alone"

If I only I could've said those words,
Maybe just maybe you wouldn't have left that night...
Tonight... I will lay here in this bed,
Where my heart is dead...
For in my dreams,
Tonight never ends.

A place where eyes can't see and ears can't hear.
A safe place where I can be with you alone,
Tonight with you in my arms...
Don't wake me when you leave,
For in my dreams this peaceful night never ends...
Published: 12/14/2011
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