Tonight There is No Hurry

The mystical magic of love.
Pass the wine, let's toast ourselves,
I think there's something special here,
I can feel it in my bones,
It's creeping up my spine.
It tingles through my fingers,
I can hardly keep my hands at rest,
As they crawl over your body,
Exploring through caress.

And you close your eyes,
And step outside your worries,
And I take my time,
Tonight there is no hurry.

Lay beside me on the bed,
I want to feel your nakedness,
The soft touch of your fingers,
And a kiss to catch my breath,
Sweet lips that taste of wine,
Warm and wet and pressed to mine,
Wrapped inside a moment,
A gift from Father Time.

And I close my eyes,
And step outside my worries,
And you take your time,
Tonight there is no hurry.

The love we make is magical,
It sparkles above our heads,
It hangs there like a vapour
Spun on evanescent threads,
It hangs there until we are spent,
We lay and watch it for a while,
I reach out to try to catch it
As it fades inside your smile.

And we close our eyes,
And step outside our worries,
And we take our time,
Tonight there is no hurry.
Published: 10/17/2011
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