Too Much Blood

This should probably have a trigger warning....
Scars, blood, burns, and pain,
Things that no one should ever find normal,
Especially not a ten-year-old girl.

Her life has been turned upside down,
And nothing else is normal for her,
She no longer smiles,
There are tears in her eyes,
She doesn't remember what it's like to laugh.

Three schools in just one year,
Divorced parents,
A new dad,
Fighting and screaming,
Breakups and makeups.

She thinks all husbands make their wives cry,
All moms spend their mornings,
Cleaning up broken glass,
And icing bruised cheeks,

She covers her ears,
With her pillow at night,
To hide from the shouting matches,
That come from mom's bedroom.

Dad, her real dad - is in the mental hospital,
Under suicide watch,
And no one thinks she understands,
What that means,
"She's only ten,
How could she know what suicide means?"

Scars, blood, burns, and pain,
She's no longer ten,
She realizes that none of this is normal,
She's not normal,
And there's too much blood,
And not enough pain,
And she doesn't know why,
But she's getting dizzy,
And things are going black,
And suddenly,
She's not quite as sad.

Still not quite happy,
But she knows,
She's on her way out,
And she knows it's not normal,
But she doesn't know what is.


Author's Note

This is just something that's been in my mind. If my youngest sister had been an only child when all of these had gone on, well, maybe she wouldn't be alive much longer.
Published: 5/5/2014
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