Too Much Squeezing

When we squeeze and shrink too much in order to fit the place where there is no space for us, we end up being something else than original.
Things are going wrong,
Things were going wrong,
Only difference is,
It is getting worst than before.

Thing were going wrong,
And I was unable to correct them,
Things are going wrong,
And I am still helpless.

I was not welcome here,
Neither, they had a place for me,
But yet, I had to squeeze myself to fit in,
I was pushed by all side.

It was hard to hold on,
And only option I had was to dwindle a little more,
Each day I shrank,
Each day narrowed down.

In order to fit in,
I squeezed myself too much,
And today when I looked into the mirror,
I saw a very unfamiliar face,
I wonder who this is!

They say it is me,
And I laugh at them,
They laugh back at me,
With little bit of worry,
I scanned myself.

Somewhere it looks like me,
Somewhere it doesn't look like me,
I become more confused,
In order to fit in the place,
Where there was no space for me.

I squeezed too much,
And shrank too much,
And end up being something,
Even I couldn't recognize.
Published: 5/26/2014
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