Too... To

A poem about a life lived "Shaghla bhagla".
I can't sing this poem,
Neither can I recite it,
I come just from the farm,
And am too... to.

When I was young,
I couldn't think about the future,
I didn't know what life was like,
But I can't blame myself,
I was too... to.

When I grew into an adolescent,
I forgot my school motto,
And lines filled my mouth,
Then came the bad grades,
I think I was too... to.

My mom didn't correct,
Or maybe she didn't know I was chicky,
A family of 11, you can imagine,
I guess it wasn't her making,
She was too... to.

And now I live a lowlife,
I can't even cater for my bills,
I can't drive like my friends do,
And worst, I can't have a family,
All because I am too... to.

It is final, nothing can't change this now,
Because it's too... to.
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Published: 12/1/2014
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