Toothache Home Remedies

Toothache home remedies salvage one from the pits of excruciating pain, enslaving the person with a toothache. This article dwells on the different severe toothache home remedies.
We all dread the horrendous pain associated with a tooth cavity. Excruciating toothache can cause even the strongest and bravest men to surrender! Only a person who has gone through it, can explain how crippling this pain can be!

Toothache can be caused by various dental factors such as tooth decay, tooth root sensitivities, gum diseases, temporomandibular joint pain or fractured teeth. One can even experience toothache after a cavity-filling procedure or a tooth extraction. Moreover, they can also be caused by non-dental factors like sinus or ear infections. Irrespective of the cause of pain, toothache can be quite a harrowing experience. To counter this, one can try out some toothache remedies for relief from gnawing pain.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Here are some different toothache home remedies that one can use to alleviate toothache.

Onion Juice
If your toothache has been caused by a tooth cavity, then you can try out onion juice, as it is believed to be an effective treatment for relieving toothache. Just place a small piece of onion onto the aching tooth and allow its juices to seep into the tooth cavity. The juices will destroy the germs in the cavity, thereby providing relief from the agonizing pain.

Fresh Garlic or Garlic Capsules
One of the best sinus toothache home remedies is garlic, which being a natural bacteria combatant treats the cause of a sinus toothache. Crush a fresh clove of garlic and hold it onto the aching tooth. When the garlic begins to sting, remove it from your mouth. For long-term effect, take 600 milligram capsules thrice a day until the toothache subsides. Placing the clove of garlic along with some rock salt on the aching tooth also helps relieve the pain.

Clove Oil
Another remedy for sinus toothache is clove oil. Dab a few drops of clove oil onto a cotton swab and place it directly onto the infected tooth. This remedy provides instant relief from sinus toothache, by causing a numbing effect, for about an hour. Applying clove oil drops to the tooth cavity relieves toothache caused by cavities. You can even suck a clove, slowly in your mouth and allow the juices in the clove to work on the tooth cavity. Leave the clove in your mouth for half an hour, following this procedure thrice a day.

Clove and Margosa Bark
Toothache pertaining to the wisdom tooth, is considered to be the worst of all toothache (not that the others are less torturous). The pain caused by a wisdom tooth can be alleviated, by boiling 6 cloves with a two-inch bark of the margosa tree, along with a cup of water and apply the boiled mixture to the aching tooth. This is one of the effective home remedies for such kind of toothache and provides instant relief.

Cold Compress
Home remedies for severe toothache play the role of a savior, especially when one has a terrible toothache and the dentist is unavailable for whatever reason. To curb the pain until a checkup can be carried out, one can apply a cold compress on the cheek, at the site of toothache. Heat can conduce to spread of bacterial infection, which is why application of heat should be strictly avoided. You can even try out the clove oil and garlic remedies mentioned above to give relief from the pain.

If toothache is accompanied by some cavity symptoms like pits or holes in the teeth, pus around the teeth, tooth sensitivity, etc. you should not suppress the pain using the above-mentioned toothache home remedies. Repressing the pain will only conduce to further degradation and enlargement of tooth cavity. The wisest thing to do, would be to visit the dentist and fill the cavity. Maintaining proper dental care is vital for ensuring good dental health. Just as a 'stitch in time saves nine', a filling in time saves your smile!
By Priya Johnson
Last Updated: 9/20/2011
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