Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs

We all dream of getting a highly paid job after the completion of our education. However, some youngsters are not aware of the current hottest career options. You must be eager to know the 10 top paying jobs. Read this article to know which are the top 10 highest paying jobs at present and which are the top 10 best paying jobs of all times.
The young generation of today gives a lot of importance to the pay packet and bonuses allotted to them along with the post for which they are being selected. Today, every one wants to be a CEO or a CFO and many have been able to bring their dreams into reality. While selecting a career, one should ask oneself what he likes the most and join only that course because we cannot achieve our targets without having a deep interest and passion for that field. Many people commit the grave mistake of following the footsteps of their friends or relatives and repent later on after for taking the wrong decision. To grab the best job in the job market, our educational qualifications should be strong enough along with other things like personality and relevant experience. Given below are the top 10 high paying jobs which can change the course of your life.

Surgeons have always been among the highest paid medical professionals in the United States Of America. This dominance of surgeons has been prevalent for many years. Surgeons are of different types-heart surgeon, orthopedic surgeon etc. This job is only meant for the skilled, talented and extremely hardworking people as it is directly related to the life of the patient. If you wish to become a surgeon, you need to first complete your undergraduate degree in science and then take admission to a medical college or university. As an experienced and established surgeon, you can easily earn more than US$ 150,000 annually. This profession is always included in the 10 top paying jobs.

Anesthesiologists are the doctors who give anesthesia to the patients before the surgery and take complete care of patients before, during and after the surgery is over. Anesthesiologists, in the United States Of America, are either osteopathic physicians or allopathic physicians. You are required to complete an internship program along with the training in your medical college and finally, you will get a course competition certificate from the American Society of Anesthesiologists. This is one of the hottest career options which can fetch you up to a cool US$ 120,000-150,000 in a year.

The American Dental Association is the institution in the United States Of America which lays down the rules of work for the dentists. The dentists have always been in demand and their work is most of the time surgical. They should have a degree of Doctor Of Dental Medicine to practice in the United States of America. This is one of the most coveted professions and you will have to spend a lot of money on your education. But, do not panic at all because once you make a name for yourself, you can easily make around US$ 110,000 in a year. Dentists always find a place in the 10 top paying jobs according to various surveys.

Pilots have the option of flying kinds of aircraft once they acquire the relevant licenses. You can join a flying school where you will learn the important lessons in flying in different situations. Pilots can work for domestic as well as international airlines. This field requires a lot of hard work and life is tough at the beginning of the career. But you can emerge victorious and earn a handsome salary if you have the essential qualities like courage, determination and good concentration levels along with good height and physical fitness.

Becoming A High Level Manager
High level management of any company earns unbelievable salaries. You can become a CEO or CFO or a general manager and earn millions of dollars annually. The best way to become such a professional is to acquire a solid degree like MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Pharmacy Professionals
Pharmacy technicians are the people who supply medicines which have been prescribed by the doctors. Most of the time, they counsel the patients about medicine related matters. There are many opportunities in pharma companies for such professionals. A pharmacist, you can earn around US$ 115,000 annually.

Lawyers And Judges
Lawyers have always been in hot demand in the United States and can earn around US$ 100,000 a year. You need to have a degree in law from a reputed university to secure a job in a law firm or practice as an independent lawyer. Judge salaries are also very attractive in the US.

Psychiatrists, like other professionals can work in private or government hospitals or can set up their independent consultancy business after a few tears of experience. With the growing tensions due to tough competition and fast life in major cities, psychiatrists are much in demand these days. You can easily earn more than US$ 100,000 from this profession. Forensic psychiatry is related to health as well as law and is a very promising field.

Software Engineers
With the phenomenal development of the information technology sector, software engineers with knowledge of latest programming knowledge and technologies are being paid very well. You can earn more than US$ 75,000 as a senior software engineer. Such engineers undertake the tasks of software development and software testing. Experience in handling projects independently is the key for success in this career.

Financial Services Sector
The financial services sector of the US is the most coveted and people round the world try their level best to grab these jobs. You will basically need a degree in financial or business management to enter this sector. As a successful professional, you can work for the top investment banks and multinational broking and financial services companies and earn in millions provided you know basics of investment banking.

The top paying jobs mentioned above can be grabbed only if you are focused and passionate about them. Concentrate on your education to increase your chances to get these jobs.
By Charlie S
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
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