Traits of a Sociopath

An awareness about personality traits of a sociopath will help you to learn tips and ways to deal with such people. An informative article on characteristics of a sociopath is presented here.
Sociopaths are individuals with a personality disorder that is marked by traits of anti-social behavior. Recognizing the traits of a sociopath is easier if one is aware about sociopathic symptoms. In fact, there is a fine line dividing sociopaths and psychopaths. An individual suffering from a sociopathic personality disorder will very often show dominant symptoms of antisocial behavior. A psychopath, on the other hand, will also exhibit antisocial personality disorder but his behavior may be amplified by aggression, perversion, violence and criminal tendencies. Differences between sociopath vs psychopath may or may not be evident easily and an individual may show traits of both personality disorders. Nonetheless, some traits of a sociopath that can give hints of sociopathic tendencies have been discussed further.

Characteristics of a Sociopath

The ability of a sociopath to hide his feelings and emotions from people is excellent. They're masters of deception and you can hardly notice them even if they're sitting right beside you. Sociopath traits include a mix of characteristics like they are extremely manipulative, difficult to handle, remorseless and are always in an attempt to gain personal attention.

Deception forms one of the most basic personality traits of a sociopath. At the outset, he will appear as one of the most serene and emotionally balanced individuals you have ever met. His charming face and mannerism will least doubt you that he is a sociopath. The traits of sociopath are difficult to be caught by a third eye as they're masters in concealing their truer selves. They're cunning and very manipulative. They know how to influence and manipulate others to get their personal needs and wants fulfilled.

To achieve his objectives that are totally aimed for his personal profits, he will lie in day-to-day life, with such an impunity that even categorizes him with pathological liars. Even for no reason, sometimes, he may lie, just as a habit. Sociopaths don't feel any guilt, shame or remorse for their manipulative actions. They just focus completely on their gains, instead of any other things.

One of the most evident traits of a sociopath is that he can't feel empathy and love. His emotions are so superficial that it's difficult for a sociopath to be in a relationship. Even if he is in a relationship, he would end up being emotionally unavailable to the partner or there may be cases of infidelity on his or her part. Even in his work and jobs, sociopaths have been found to show irrational behavior. They may find it absolutely difficult to stick to a job and work for a long time.

Sociopaths are highly disorganized and hate making plans. They simply can't get involved in any planned event. They love to work at their pace and employ any ruthless strategies to achieve their objectives. The most common traits of a sociopath that are uncontrolled rage, anger, frustration, verbal abuse and physical abuse may appear, when a sociopath finds that he is unable to meet his desires and requirements.

Sociopathic tendencies in adults are often very scary. Although, sociopaths may show a tendency of showing guilt or remorse on their acts, there is hardly any truth in their statements. Sociopaths, in fact, don't have any remorse or attachment to people around them. Studies have suggested that nearly 3% - 4% of people in society are sociopaths! However, with varying intensity. While some of them are slightly sociopathic, various others show deep signs of sociopathic behavior.

If you're wondering how to deal with a sociopath, then you've got to learn to be away from them and not try to change them. They're anyhow going to hurt you. Now if you were wondering what are the traits of a sociopath. Remember, if you've encountered cases with sociopaths in your life, don't lose faith and trust in humanity. There are both, good and evil people in this world. Trusting people is the only way out to take things ahead. However, be aware that if you find anyone with psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies, don't let them take undue advantage of you.
By Kundan Pandey
Published: 9/21/2010
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