Taken by the presence of someone spectacular. It is always at the time that is least expected that someone will bring light into your dark days. Light with lots and lots of color.
My eyes have become butterflies by your presence,
I no longer see the darkness of the cocoon sealed by tears,
Your beauty beautifies me.

Engrossed in your life prism,
Your smile reflects pastel colors,
Soft and sweet.

It is refreshing to sit,
By the riverbank of your dreams.

As I quench my thirst by your aspirations,
My mind is hydrated by inspiration.

I give you an adaption,
Of the heartbreak and heart-mend collaboration,
Hoping that you can be in the state of consideration.

To be my chocolate persuasion,
To be in my perfect love equation,
And we can make a proclamation,
We are the coalition of soulmate's exhibition.

Come with me,
Man of stature and difference,
I yearn to be encapsulated by your existence.
Published: 11/13/2013
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