Treacherous - Chapter 1

Here's chapter 1... ''A new beginning." This is the very first part of chapter 1, hope you like it. Please comment.
Part 1

I was led into the office by Miss Fiona. There were butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't wait to see my new family. I ran my hands over my blonde hair just to make sure that they were in place. Then with shivering hands and feet I went inside the office and saw them... my going to be parents. Their back was turned towards me, so I couldn't see their faces. I looked at Miss Canterville, the head of the orphanage who suddenly noticed me in the room and her eyes lit up with joy, expressing how relieved she was of finally seeing me moving into a family.

"Here she is!" Miss Canterville told the couple and they turned, stood up to face me. I looked up at the woman in front of me, she was a tall and slim lady who looked as if she must be in her 40s. She had green eyes and was wearing a high-waisted skirt paired with a high-neck blouse. The man standing next to her was again tall and had gray eyes... he was well-dressed in a gray suit and looked a very stern man from his whole appearance.

The woman started walking towards me and held my hand and started with a smile, "I'm so pleased to see you. You are just like I imagined you-"
"Like WE imagined our would be daughter to be." Said the man cutting her off.
I looked at the woman's expression. She blinked her eyes in an awkward manner as if she has been stopped from saying something she wasn't supposed to.

"Felicia." Miss Canterville stood from her chair and came forward. "Meet your new family. This is Mrs. Rose Woodson." He said pointing towards the lady. "Your new mother and this kind man standing here is Mr. Phillip Woodson."
Mr. Woodson extended his hand towards him and I shake it. I was trying to control my smile and hide my excitement from them.
"I suppose everything happened in such a rush that you mustn't have packed anything yet." Said Mrs. Woodson.

"Well... yes!" I replied shyly.
"Ok then let's get to your room and start packing."
"It's alright you don't need to take so much pain... I mean I'll be fine."
"No... from now on I'm your mother right so c'mon let me help you." Mrs. Woodson insisted so I agreed on taking her help. I led her through the hallways into my room. While I was opening my wardrobe and taking my clothes out, I noticed Mrs. Rose picking up my photograph from the corner of my bed and looking at it so deeply as if she was trying to examine something and then she noticed me staring at her awkwardly and she kept the photo back. I felt sorry because I thought I had embarrassed her.

"I... was... j-just seeing how beautiful..." She said nervously.
"It's alright you can see my photographs whenever you want. I have more, would you like to..." I turned towards the drawers to take all my photos out when she suddenly said panicking.

"No... no it's alright actually we don't have much time, actually my daughter must be back home very soon... can you just take a pair of night suit.. I mean all these clothes you have don't look that good to me... we'll buy something new tomorrow, just pick that night suit of yours and don't worry it'll fit in my bag."

She quickly took the night suit from my hand and stuffed it into her bag and then she held my hand and brought me back to the office. Her behavior was weird and somehow disturbing as well.
"Ok... I guess we should be leaving if we're done with all the formalities?" Rose asked Miss Canterville.

"Well of course, from now on Felicia is all yours." Miss Canterville replied with a smile and her words made my stomach twist. She was right from now on I belonged to an entirely new family... their way of living, custom and traditions will be mine whether I like it or not. Now I understood the sensitivity of the entire situation and that made me swallow a lump in my throat, but I faked a smile and waved everyone goodbye.

I stepped out of the orphanage and glanced back to have one last look at the place which has been my shelter for past 7 years. The building has remained exactly the same for all these years except the fact that the white color has lost its shine. I looked at the playground and the swings, and smiled remembering how many times have I fell down from that swing. I brushed away all these memories from my mind to make a way for new ones.


Part 2

So here's the second part of the first chapter. Please comment.


I waited for Mr. Woodson to take his car out of the parking and then went forward to sit inside the car. It was a black colored Maserati and believe me when I say this I never ever imagined myself to even see this car in reality, let alone sit in it and accepting the fact that this is my own car now because I was officially their daughter was something out of my imagination. I enjoyed the ride through busy New York roads. The snow-covered lane looked strangely beautiful and then Mr. Woodson took a turn and I saw four beautiful houses in front of me. No... not houses they were like mansions... large, beautiful buildings and a symbol of elegance. Wow! But which one of the four would be my house? I questioned myself.

"Here we are." Stated Mr. Woodson as he stopped his car in front of a chocolate-colored mansion. "This is your new house." He said while the large front door opened and the car went inside. The house was beautiful... there were gardens with fountains and beautiful flowers. I was so happy to see that this is the place where I will be spending rest of my life.

"Good morning sir." A man dressed in blue uniform opened the door of the car for Mr. Woodson and he got off the car. He did the same for Mrs. Woodson and for ME. Oh! I was feeling like a princess. The huge white entrance door was opened and we were welcomed by a lady dressed as the caretaker. "This is Mrs. Underwood, our housemaid." Said Mrs. Woodson and I simply nodded. "You must be very tired right?" Mrs. Woodson asked me and without even waiting for an answer she told Mrs. Underwood to take me to my room. I followed Mrs. Underwood up a flight of spiral staircase which led to a corridor. I looked around and the walls of the corridor were filled with photographs and paintings but strangely there was no photograph of any child. I remember Mrs. Woodson mentioning her daughter back at the orphanage, but there was no photograph of hers in the corridor.

"This is your room." Said Mrs. Underwood and her words made me snap out of my thoughts. I went inside the room and it was as beautiful as I expected it to be and a little more than that. The walls were painted in a cherry pink color and there was a queen style bed covered with silky bed sheet. "Thank you so much." I told Mrs. Underwood.

"You're welcome dear. I guess now you should rest and let me know if you need anything. There's an interconnected phone just beside your bed, press 5 and I'll be at your service." She said with a bow and I found it a bit amusing, but I controlled my laughter because I didn't want to offend her. "Sure and thanks once again." I replied and she simply nodded with a smile.

I heard the slam of the door and I quickly jumped onto my bed and close my eyes. I have never felt so relieved in my entire life.

"Welcome to your new life Felly." I told myself and then dozed off to sleep.
Published: 3/26/2013
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