Treacherous - Chapter 12

Interesting conversations...
The next morning I woke up early due to all the mind-boggling questions that were roaming in my mind. As usual everyone was asleep except Mr. Woodson. He was sitting quietly on the front porch with a calm expression on his face.

"Good morning." I said.
He was startled at my voice and said, "Oh! Woke up early today?"
"I can ask you the same question I guess."
He smiled at my answer and signaled me to sit next to me.
"So have you settled in?" He asked.
"Yes... very well. I feel very happy to be here now." I said.
"Hmm... so now you're not annoyed or confused anymore?"
"No... actually I have come to terms with my new life."
"Yes... why do you doubt?"
"Because you have never been so easy... you have always been very stubborn..." He said with a small laugh.
"What do you mean?" I said.
"Um... nothing, Rose must be up by now, I should leave." He quickly rushed into the house.
What did he mean by... I've always been stubborn?


In the evening I sat down on my bed to take a nap as I was feeling extremely tired.
And then I had a strange dream again.


"Lilly stop," said the man.
The little girl kept running.
"Stop or you will fall." The man said again.
"I want candy." The girl said and she kept running.
"Lily stop," the man said sternly while holding her hand, "Why are you so stubborn?"


I woke up with a shock. Why was I dreaming of Lily? Obviously, I couldn't see her face in my dream, but today I saw the man who was calling her... it was Mr. Woodson, a younger version of him. But how can I see him in my dreams when in reality I have never seen him when he was young not even a photograph!
Then the headache started again... oh God!
"Felicia." I heard a voice at the door.
I stood up and opened the door and found Annabell standing on the other side.
"Annabell?" I said.
"Why are you so surprised to see me?" She said making a face.
"No... it's just that we don't talk that often, so I am just wondering what brought you here?"
"Well... mother sent me. Even she thinks the same. So I am here to talk to you."
"Ok... come in."

She stepped in and then hopped onto my bed.
Well, if I were a fool I would have believed what Annabell just told me, but unfortunately I'm much more clever than she thinks I am.
"So? What do you wanna talk about?" I asked.
"Anything." She replied.
"Wow! You've got Louis Vuitton's latest bag with you.... oh I saw it on TV. Can I borrow it?"
I raised an eyebrow at her.
"Sure, I say you can have it. Um... I think I've got something else for you."
I did a deliberate attempt to see her reaction. I brought her a Barbie doll which I got from the orphanage.

"Here." I said, while handing her the Barbie. "Isn't it pretty?"
"No... it's just a doll." She said making a face.
Well, this was surprising... a 12-year-old girl was more interested in Louis Vuitton than Barbie doll... now that's interesting!
"Ok... I guess I'll leave now." She said while rising up from the bed and then she picked up my bag and said, "And I'll be taking this with me."
The next thing I heard was the slam of a door.


Next day I was completely busy… well not physically but mentally. I was busy jotting down all the clues and events on a piece of paper. And then I tried to connect all the dots but everything just seemed blank. I felt as if there was just few more pieces left to complete this puzzle, but the fact was without those few pieces I won’t even get a clue about anything.

"Felicia." I heard Mrs. Rose knocking on my door.

I stood up and opened up the door for her.
"Um... do you need anything?" I asked.
"No. I am here to tell you that I am going to my friend’s house and I’ll be dropping Annabell to school on my way, so you better take care of the house."
For a while I wondered whether this was an information for me or and order, but then I just replied.
"Yes! I will."
Then she turned back and left the house through the front door taking Annabell along with her.

'Now, this is the time to talk to Alice I guess.' I wondered.
I carefully stepped out of the house and reached at Alice’s door.
"Hi!" Alice opened up the door for me.
"Come on in."
I accepted her invitation and got in her house. Then Alice took me to her bedroom and then we sat on her bed and chatted for a while. Soon, I realized that I didn’t have much time and I should be getting back to business.

"Alice?" I said.
"Did you find anything related to those medical reports?"
"Yes, I tried to call that doctor but he just won’t pick up. But don’t worry I’ll let you know as soon as possible."
"What about the internet?"
"Bad news… my server’s down for another week… you’ll have to wait."
"Ok, but please let me know if you find something helpful."
"Alright, I’ll give you a call."
"But I don’t have a phone!"

"Don’t worry." Said Alice. Then she stood up from her bed and took out a phone from the drawer and handed it to me.
"Now you do." She said.
"But I can’t keep it."
"You have to if you want me to help you." She tried to blackmail me.
"Fine… but I’ll return it to you.."
"Yes, return it to me when you don’t need it, ok… but keep it for now.. will you?"
"Yes, I will."
Published: 5/2/2013
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