Treacherous - Chapter 13

The picture gets clearer... another secret revealed! The picture is of Lily.
"Lily," said a lady.
"Yes mom," said Lily.
"Would you come with me?"
"No... I'll go with dad."
"No... I'll take you with me."

I wake up to see the morning light, but now these lights were of no use for me when my entire world is in darkness. The only thing that's disturbing me the most is why am I getting these dreams? Why is Lily coming in my dreams when I've never seen her and why am I not able to see her? Oh! I wonder when all these questions will come to an end?

In the evening we all left for dinner, Mr. Woodson took us to one of the finest restaurants in New York and ordered the most mouth-watering dishes for us. The food came in no time and believe me... the food looked and tasted great... it was just superlative but then I wondered why Mr. Woodson suddenly planned this evening and this time I got the answer without even asking.

"So did you like the food?" Asked Rose.
"Yes... it was just heavenly." I replied.
"Hmm... you must be wondering about the sudden dinner plan?" Asked Mr. Woodson.
"Of course I am."
"Well... you should know that today's a very special day for us. Today you can ask for anything you want."
"Why... what's so special today?"
"Um... you'll know."

No, he didn't tell me the exact answer as always but whatever it was must be very special because only a very big thing could have brought the shine in Mr. Woodson's eyes as there is today.

"Ok... I guess I'll have to be patient." I sighed.


At night when we were returning home, I saw something very unusual. Alice was sitting in the front porch of her house with her head bowed down. I found it very unusual to see her in the middle of the night sitting all alone outside her secure home but I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even ask her what was wrong as the Woodsons were just next to me, but I waited... waited for the morning to come and break the news!


In the morning after having my breakfast the first thing I did was to call Alice.
"Hello," said Alice.
"Hey... Alice it's me... Felicia."
"Of course I know it's my own number stupid."
"Oh... sorry. I am so silly."
"I know!"
"Nothing. So what made you call?"
"Umm... actually I wanted to ask you something."
"Well, I need to meet you to ask that question."
"Sure! Your place or mine?"
"Of course yours!"
"Ok, when?"
"When Annabell leaves for school with Rose."
"Ok... I'll be waiting."

And then she hung up the phone and I waited for Rose to leave.
After Rose left I sneaked out of the house to meet Alice. Alice and I were sitting in her study room when I finally asked her about the previous day.

"Alice, I know it might sound a little annoying or maybe a bit too stupid but I saw you sitting in the front porch yesterday, late night and I just didn't feel ok. I mean..." I sighed. I just felt short of words.

"I know what you want to ask me. Actually, yesterday it was Lily's birthday and every time on her birthday I just can't sleep at night. It reminds that I lost my friend just a few days before her birthday. If I could have stopped her from going, she would have been celebrating her birthday with me till now," she sighed.

"You mean yesterday was Lily's birthday?"

If it was Lily's birthday yesterday then why did Mr. Woodson call it a special day? Maybe he's just gone crazy after losing his daughter, maybe hasn't come to terms with her death!

Suddenly I noticed Alice looking at a photograph, she held it tightly and swiped one of her hands over the frame.

"What's it?" I asked.
"It's Lily's photograph... when she was 11 years old." She said showing the photograph to me.

I looked at the photograph and suddenly felt like I've been hit by a meteor! The girl in the photograph... LILY seemed so familiar... it was... it was the same girl from my dreams... the girl whose voice I heard so clearly... the girl Mr. Woodson was chasing... Mrs. Rose was blackmailing... it was no one else but Lily!

I pressed the photograph against my chest and said, "I gotta go... and I'm taking this photograph with me, if you find something about those reports do call me, ok?"

I quickly rushed out of the house. Suddenly I felt like the puzzle in my head had started to solve.

I rushed into my bedroom and took the phone that Alice had given me and dialed the only number I remembered so clearly. I heard the dial tone and then a lady picked up the phone and I recognized her voice immediately.

"Hello Ms. Fiona... it's me Felicia!"
"Felicia... dear how are you?" She choked. I knew she would cry!
"I need your help!"


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Published: 5/4/2013
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