Treacherous - Chapter 18

So, let's see who's the surprise visitor?
I looked around in horror and suddenly the light was back. I winced as the rays of light hit my pupil and then I looked at her. She was now standing right in front of me with the most cruel expression on her face... she was... Rose!

"You?" I said.
"I know it's not a surprise, right? You turned out to be more clever than I thought and already found out the truth yourself." She said with a smirk.
"Why are you doing this?"
"Doing what?"
"Why did you try to kill me?"
"Ah! You are already starting on the business... don't you want to know how come I am here?"
I didn't say anything and waited for her to reply herself.

"Well... my leg wasn't broken! The time when I entered the room I noticed that there was something on the floor... I just pretended to fall... just to let you carry on with your plan. I just wanted to boost your moral and then watch you fall way down from the skyscraper you were trying to climb." She finished it off with a small laugh.

"That means you knew that-"
"Yeah, right I knew that you have almost unraveled our secret... I mean Annabell's not too naive that she won't have noticed that the medical reports were missing along with a pill can?"

"Yes. Of course she isn't naive.... I should have expected that from her if I would have known she's a 20-year-old just in time." I said looking straight at her and saw her expressions change.

"Huh? So you've carried your investigations that far."
"Yes, and now you're just standing at brim of losing."
"Yeah, right... I'm gonna lose... lose after waiting for so many years? No way dear!"
I raised an eyebrow at her.

"Look when I knew you were up to something, I also expected that in New York you would be again up to some mischief, so I have come with all the preparations... and considering the fact that you've got so many information gathered, I guess I'll have to put my plan in action."

"What do you mean?"
"Uh! Why do you pretend to be so dumb?"
"Why don't you put is straight?"
"Alright... my intentions are to kill you right away... something which I failed to do 10 years ago."

"Yeah... I remember that now... I know who I am?"
"Really... Lily? Wow! You're quite a detective. And what else do you know?"
"Well, most of it... I know you tried to kill me. Annabell and you must be some criminals to have been declared by the newspapers as treacherous." I said while showing her the newspaper clipping I had found earlier.

"Wow! So you're lucky enough to find that clipping too! Okay, let me do you a favor."
"What favor?"
She handed me the blue diary that I came searching for in New York and said, "Isn't it what you were looking for in this house?"
"Yeah, but..."

"I know... I know you must be wondering how do I know about it? Remember that day when you were looking around the house... luckily for me Annabell saw you going into the library and then she followed you and dropped a vase to distract you, just before you looked at the diary... and just to secure my position I took that diary with me while going to California."

Huh! She raced her mind to such a point even when I didn't even doubt her!
"Alright," she continued. "Now that you have the diary that you were looking for so eagerly, why don't you open up and look at it?"

I stared blankly at her face and then at the diary. I sat on the chair that was placed next to me, and I opened it up and saw that it was filled with various newspaper clippings.
"The clipping that you saw must've fallen down from this diary." She said while I was busy looking at those clippings.

Well, one of the things that was clear from all these clippings was that, Annabell and Rose were con women and they have conned about dozens of people until now, and my father is their new target. But the question is why did she wait for too long?

Looking at all these pictures and reading about their evil deeds, my patience just broke and I screamed at her, "Who are you and what do you want from my family?"

"Well, that's a long story."
"But I guess I have enough time to hear that."
"Yes. You do... so let's just entertain you for the last time in your life... let's make you hear the last story of your life. And believe me this story's beginning was planned by me and its end will be decided by me too, and it won't be a happy ever after." She said in a voice that hissed in my ears.

Then she turned her back and looked at the window. The sun had just begun to set. She turned around facing me with a smile and began, "Once upon a time..." and then she laughed out and the entire mansion again echoed the evil laughter that pierced my ears.


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Published: 5/31/2013
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