Treacherous - Chapter 20

Sorry for the late update but the story still continues. In this chapter Felicia is at gunpoint... what will she do?
After hearing the entire story I was just taken aback. What surprised me the most was the way Rose had planned everything. On one side I wondered why this was happening with me and on the other side I thought I am so lucky to have survived after the accident. Yes, I was heartbroken, but I didn't have to back up so I said, "That's why you didn't let me go to school and talk to anyone in the neighborhood right?"

"Do I still need to explain?" She said cockily.
"No... I have understood everything."
"Great then, but you're still missing something."

"I haven't told you the end of the story yet!'' She said walking towards me.
I inched back and she kept coming near me.
"Well, well, well... I told you this story won't have a happy ending." She said and pointed a gun towards me and said, "So after a wait of ten years... you are finally going to rest in peace. You know what? This time I am going to shoot you up... no you are going to shoot yourself."

"I'm not that stupid."
"I know that but that's what the entire world is going to think."
"You're wrong..."
"Maybe they won't believe me but they will believe you."
"This time your death will be a suicide case."

She brought her gun near my head and asked me to sit on the chair. With her other hand she took out a pen and a piece of paper and then said, "Alright, now you'll have to sit down and write what I tell you."

I sat down with shaking hands and started writing what she dictated... after completing what she said she snatched the paper away from me and said while looking at it... "Very well." Then let out her devilish laughter once again and read aloud the entire letter, " I, Felicia is writing the last letter of my life... miserable life. For so many years I have been trying to struggle with my own identity and loneliness. Yes, I did find a family at last but despite all the comfort and luxury, I couldn't find that satisfaction and instead I just lost myself in the puzzle of my memory. Here in New York I finally found out about who I actually am but that just makes me feel more lost. After 17 years of a tiring life I am laying myself to rest... Forever!"

Hahahahaha! Hahahaha! She laughed.
"You won't get away with what you've sown." I snapped at her.
"Ah! So you still have the guts to argue girl."
"Believe me... this isn't the end."
"Are you sure?" She hissed.

Then she smirked at me and started to pull the trigger... I closed my eyes in fear and saw the face of my mother... all the memories had started to come back... the good and the bad but what disappointed me was that the last memory of my life is going to remind me of my defeat. My eyes were still closed and the last thing I heard was BOOM sound of the gunshot.


To the Readers

Guys, keep reading. There are still few more chapters to come...


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Em - When did I say it was over... The story I mentioned in the description was the story Rose was dictating to Felicia.

Beauty - Hope you still keep reading.

Anne - Lot more twists coming up!

Aashish K - Which Hindi film is it like? Well, I don't remember watching one.
Published: 6/19/2013
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