Treacherous - Chapter 6

Here's a long chapter on public demand. And a very important one as Felicia gets her questions answered.
Part 1

The next morning when I woke up or rather should I say I decided to stand up from my bed because all the questions didn't actually let me sleep. I decided that today I would finally get all my questions answered, no matter what happens. After taking a shower and getting dressed in clothes which Mrs. Rose bought for me herself, and I must say that she had a really good fashion sense because all the clothes were very trendy, or maybe I'm wrong... all the high label dresses had to be good only.

At the breakfast table, I didn't say anything but I just heard my family's conversation thinking that may be I'll get to hear something useful.
"So when are you thinking of getting back to work?" Asked Mrs. Rose.
"Well, I contacted the manager yesterday and everything is sailing smoothly, I think the employees will get to see their boss next week till then just let them enjoy." Answered Mr. Woodson with a mocking smile on his face.

I didn't know that this man had a sense of humor too!
"But you can't take your business so lightly and especially these days when the market is too tight." Mrs. Rose continued to argue.
I guess this lady likes the sound of her own voice and the most annoying fact about her is that she always wants to get all the things done on her own way... ridiculous! I just rolled my eyes over her argument.

"Since when did you start taking interested in all these official things. I guess Gucci and Versace were more important for you than the stock market, isn't it?" Mr. Woodson said with a smirk which completely annoyed Mrs. Rose.
And I felt like laughing out loud but luckily I controlled my laughter.
Mrs. Rose turned red with anger and then stormed off the breakfast table straight into her bedroom.

"Don't mind her. She's not always like this, but I don't know she's acting a little weird these days. You don't worry, she'll be fine in few days... must be tired of all the traveling you know," Mr. Woodson told me and then 'bang'!
Annabell spoke for the very first time on this precious occasion... "What do you mean 'she'll be fine', my mother is fine. It's you who needs to rest because it's all because of you."
My head was literally spinning. Just look at the way that girl spoke to her father... I mean who does that, at least not a 12-year-old girl like her! I mean she isn't even a teenager yet. What's wrong with her.

Mr. Woodson quietly sat on the table shriveled and embarrassed while Annabell went straight to her mother and I shouldn't forget to mention that she gave me a very dirty look before climbing the staircase. What was wrong with her? Maybe that's how the kids have become these days in California or maybe she's a highly pampered child which I disagree to believe myself!

So what was the reason for her bitterness towards Mr. Woodson? Urgh! Another question in my head!


Part 2

I was sitting on the bench of the backyard gazing blankly at the lilies when suddenly it occurred to me that because of what happened at the breakfast table, I nearly forgot to ask them the questions I was supposed to... argh!

"Are lilies your favorite flowers?" I turned around to face the source of the voice... it was Mr. Woodson.
"No... orchids." I replied.
"Hmm, but I guess we cannot plant them here." He said while sitting next to me on the bench.
"Yes, but that's not the only thing I like and you cannot do." Oops! What did I just say?

"Sorry?" That was all Mr. Woodson could say.
Even though I never wanted to begin my question answer round so rudely, but now I was helpless so I began, "Dad I'm sorry for what I just spoke but there are a lot of questions in my mind and they're just making me go crazy." I began.
"But you just said that we're not doing certain things that you like... what's that." Asked Mr. Woodson.

"By that I meant... I like to hear the truth which I'm sorry to say I don't think I get to hear more often from you guys."
"Like I don't know why I am here? Am I supposed to be here... no Mr. Woodson no!"
My words hurt him... 'Mr. Woodson' sounded so rude.
"But why do you think so?" He said staying as calm as possible.
"Just give me one good reason why you adopted me?" I said sternly, looking straight into his eyes.
"Well, the reason why we adopted you cannot be explained now, next question." His words shocked me. How can he just say next question so casually... damn! This is my life.
"Don't worry I'll answer it in the end." He cut me off.

"Fine." I sighed. "I know this will sound a little offending to you but I accidentally overheard you and mom arguing about not sending me to school. You were talking about doctors and risks... what was that about?"

"Well... girl it looks like you are wanting to know a bit too much a bit too early. Right now, all I can tell you that the reason why we adopted you is not harmful for you... you'll know it yourself after sometime, and yes we cannot send you to school but it's for your own good."
"Well... I guess you'll know that yourself. Now, just relax, you're completely safe here. You're not an unwanted person... this family needs you, otherwise my family would not be complete." He said looking straight into my eyes, giving me a reassuring look. I nodded.

He gave me a pat on my head and then went back into the house through the backdoor.
I sighed feeling relieved but wait... He has still not answered my questions! I guess now I'll have to find out all the answers myself... time to get working girl!


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Published: 4/8/2013
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