Treacherous - Chapter 8

A twist in the story!
I couldn't sleep the entire night... the event on the dinner table completely shook me. I couldn't help but let my tears just slowly roll down my cheeks. I woke up the next morning on a wet pillow reminding me that I had been crying all night. I sat on my bed and looked around the room. I felt so unsure of what to do next. I just felt like running away from here. I looked down at my hands to avoid crying again when suddenly I heard a knock on the door, and believe me it wasn't needed as the person opened the door without my approval.

Mrs. Rose was standing right in front of my bed waiting for me to look at her but I didn't... I was hurt! "Felicia I am...." She began. "There's no need to apologize or tell me you didn't mean it or I should forget it." I cut her off and said it all in one breath. "But give me a chance." She said while sitting next to me on the bed and taking my hand. "Listen! I know you are very disturbed but believe me there's nothing wrong with us... we're not against you. I just feel like whenever we try to talk to you, there's always this... this wall you're holding up against us and that's what frustrated me, and that's it!" She said all of this in a very calm tone. I didn't know what to say but I had to do, so I began, "You mean I can live in this house without any tension?"

"Of course you can."
"But what about my freedom?"
"Look! The people around here aren't trustworthy and that's why I suggest you to stay at home."
"Fine! I'll do what you say." I smiled at her. She gave me a pat on my cheek and then left the room. I smiled to myself... you know why? Because now I was ready to play this game they were playing with me... but now I'll make the rules!


At the breakfast table everything went out normal. Nobody discussed anything about last night and quietly ate their portions. Mr. Woodson left for work and Mrs. Rose for shopping, means leaving me and Annabell alone in the house. As soon as Annabell left the breakfast table I sat on the couch and relaxed but that doesn't mean that I was in any kind of mood to take a break. Now, I just know what to do... no more interrogations with the Woodsons but getting answers from other people and I know exactly who that person is! My lip curled up to a side with an amazing idea in my mind... 1, 2, 3 and action!
Published: 4/18/2013
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