Treacherous - Prologue

Felicia is an orphan who finally get a family, but is this her happy ever after or life will be darker than before. Start reading to explore the life of Felicia where everything is treacherous!
They say that this world is a very small place... you never know you end up the same place where you started, even though it was the only place you were running away from!


Felicia is just an ordinary girl except the fact that she lives in an orphanage and the only place she's been for the past 7 years.

Felicia was 10 years old when she found herself in the orphanage after meeting an accident. She has been told by the staff that she lost her family in that very accident after which she was brought in the orphanage.


Felicia's POV

I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling of blue room in which I had spent the last 7 years of life and strangely I don't remember even a single detail of my previous life... the life I expect was much better than this. A life where I was always happy and I had friends and family, and all my wishes were fulfilled but that's only my imagination, out of everything I have seen in movies only led to a conclusion that life with a family is just like this-happy!

But I think I am only gonna spend rest of my life imagining this - in this small room of the orphanage because no family has ever adopted me until now and I don't believe in miracles!

So I got up from my bed and drew the curtains to side, and soaked in the sun... you know at this time in New York, you cannot expect to see the sun the entire's mid-December. I got into the bathroom and took a shower then I opened up my wardrobe to select something from a very few clothes that I had. I decided to wear a pink sweater and dark jeans. After that I sat down in front of the mirror and started combing my hair when suddenly I heard a knock on the door. I stood up and opened the door to find Ms. Fiona standing in front of me.

Ms. Fiona was a short woman in her mid-thirties, and had dark hair and dark eyes. She was one of my favorite persons in this orphanage. Believe me if there's anybody I'm ever going to miss if I'll have to leave this place it would be Ms. Fiona only.

"Good morning dear." Ms. Fiona greeted me with her everlasting smile.
"Morning, Ms. Fiona." I replied with a smile and let her in the room then I sat on my bed and Ms. Fiona took the chair and sat facing me.

"I'm very disappointing with you Felly." Ms. Fiona said with a very sad face.
"Why? What did I do?'' I said with my eyes wide open.
"How many times do I have to tell you Felly that whenever I wish you good morning, you too have to say the same and not just 'mornin'." She said the last word imitating my voice.

"But how many times I have told you Ms. Fiona that there's nothing good in my mornings... every morning, every day, every night is just the same."
"But this morning is a bit different."
"And may I ask how?"

"Well, there's a family out there waiting to see you in the office just to tell you that you're now a new member of their family."

I jumped up with excitement. My eyes were gleaming with joy. My whole life is going to change... forever!


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Published: 3/25/2013
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