Tree of Life

Dedicated to a multi-talented man of God, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye (Jaymikee) on his birthday 7-11-2017. I choose to call him "Tree of life" because he utilizes his talents for the healing of the nation.
I read of Heaven in Revelation twenty two verse two;
How a clear crystal river flows through,
And how the trees of life blossom around too,
Each bearing twelve kinds of fruit too.

Then I saw this tree one day,
And wondered if I were walking the Heavenly way;
Crystal clear was the water in motion,
And this tree, for the healing of the nation.

I wondered, OH, TREE OF LIFE!
Then, I heard "No, it's Jaymikee live";
He heals the nation with his fruits lined!
He gathers them up in multiple kind!

He surely is like that tree,
Cos he sang several songs plus "I'M FREE"
He knocked on hearts and melted solid ones,
With his multiple talents racked up in turns.

Celebrating another year declares him climbing higher;
Let's shout "Hallelujah" and glorify the Father,
For a beautiful crown awaits this fruitful tree,
With stars proclaiming lives set free.

Published: 11/8/2017
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