Triple Drama (1)

Nicole, Aislinn and Bailey are triplets. Each living their own lives with their own family issues, boy problems and crazy friends. But what will happen when these totally contrasting lives collide? A lot of drama, that's what...
Chapter One: Introducing The Redheaded Trio

Nicole Stanley took one last look at her home.

"Come on, Nicky," Mrs. Stanley called out. "We're going to be late."

"Coming!" Nicole called back, a bit sharper than intended.

Easy for her to say, Nicole thought glumly as she got into the car. She doesn't have to leave everyone and everything that have been with her all her life.

Nicole's parents had made her move from Chicago to Los Angeles because of their new job. She had already said goodbye to all her friends. It felt so unfair. They hadn't even given her any warning about leaving.

Next morning she'd arrived in the airport. After unpacking her bag in her new home she decided to check out the city. Her new home, as she kept reminding herself, was a fairly pretty two storey house which over looked the beach. As nice as it was, she wanted to get away from it or rather from her parents. They couldn't even sense the cold shoulder she was giving them. They were too busy unpacking everything and probably trying stuff books in every available place they could find.

The mall first, she thought, trying to be optimistic about the situation. Her old clothes did not suit her new home and she had been accepted at Avon High School. Her parents had some connection with the principal so they'd thought it would be good for her to go there. So she needed some decent clothes for her first day. Not that she didn't already know that she would be ignored by most people.

The few friends that she had made hadn't called her or anything since she'd left but she was somewhat relieved about that disappointing thought. It was easier to get used to L.A. if she got over her life in Chicago.

She was very plain with her almost straight dark red hair, hazel eyes and a creamy complexion. She could've been actually popular at her last school but people had already figured it out all too soon that she was, in fact, a complete and utter geek or nerd or whatever they liked to call it.

But it never hurt to make a good impression, Nicole thought smiling despite her nervousness.


"Can I have this shirt in white?" Nicole asked the sales girl at Treadz 'n' Shoes.

"Sorry but would you like it in pale blue instead?" She replied, handing her a shirt.

"I'll try it on," she said, going into one of the changing room.


Aislinn King (pronounced Ash-lin) and her best friend Briana Mathews giggled as the cute guy that they'd been staring, or in Bree's case ogling, at waved at them. They were at the mall and had stopped at the cafe to eat.

"He is so totally hot!" Said Bree. Aislinn had to laughed; Bree thought nearly all boys were hot.

"And he's sweet," she said.

"And hot!"

"And smart."

"And hot..." Bree said, sighing, "Don't forget hot, Ash. Never forget hot. I think I'm in love"

Aislinn laughed again. She knew Bree was kidding because this was the exact thing Bree said for every good looking guy.

"Come on," Aislinn said, nearly dragging Bree with her. "You can stare at him later. First we have to get some dresses for the party. We can't just get side tracked by cute guys or at this rate, we'll be here all day!"

They went into Aislinn's favorite store; Treadz 'n' Shoes.

"Hey, try out this one. Black looks good on you." Bree said, handing her a knee-length black dress with a halter top.

"I'll try it on," Aislinn replied, eyeing the dress critically. She went into one of the changing rooms. One was already occupied.


This isn't so bad, Nicole thought, looking at herself in the mirror of the changing room. Maybe I should buy it, she thought as she got out. A girl her age was also getting out. Strange, Nicole suddenly thought. From the back the girl looked eerily like her. Same dark, slightly wavy, red hair. Even the long legs under the girl's stylish, black skirt were a creamy complexion like hers.

She stood behind the red haired girl in line for the counter. Another girl with blond hair was chatting and giggling with the red haired girl. Finally, Nicole's turn came. Seeing her, the counter girl's face went from bored to confused.

"Didn't you just walk out right now?" She asked closely examining Nicole's face.

"Um... I don't think so." Nicole replied frowning. Weird.


Nicole took a deep breath. Just another High School, she kept repeating to herself. She was standing alone while everyone was chattering, excitedly catching up with each other. No one even looked at her.

As expected.

Suddenly, the bell rang and all the students took off with their friends leaving her alone in the halls. After getting lost for what seemed like the thousandth time, she finally found the principal's office. This day was not getting off a good start.


The apartment was a wreck, as usual. Blair McCown barely noticed the bottles of beer any more, but she could still smell it. It's smell never left the apartment. She almost slipped on a bottle.

"Damn bottles," she muttered under her breath as she steadied herself while taking support from the side table. She wondered where her mom was off to this time. But she thought too soon because a second later she heard her Mom yelling.

"Where are you, you rotten piece of shit?" Mrs. McCown stumbled to the doorway, clearly drunk. Her clothes, wrinkled with stains on it and her hair looked like a haystack.

Ever since Blair's father left them, it had been like this. She'd been only fourteen at that time. Her Mom had gotten desperate and started drinking. Soon she'd become addicted. She would come home late at night or wouldn't come until next day. Rest of the time, she'd scream at Blair but surprisingly, she'd never hit her.

Yet anyway, Blair would remind herself. But the thought was too foreign since she and her Mom had always had a very loving relationship before her father walked out on them.

Blair would have to do everything and took odd jobs like mowing and babysitting after the money her mom's account was slowly starting to disappear. It hadn't been long she was fired from her job. Luckily, her neighbor, Mrs. Green would send her dinner everyday so she didn't have to worry about starving to death seeing as she could hardly make breakfast without burning her toast. Mrs. Green also gave her a job at the grocery shop she owned. All things considered, Blair got on okay.

Blair sighed looking at her mother. "I'm here."

"Clean up this mess. I have a head ache." Then, she walked away with her hand on her temples before Blair even had a chance to say anything.

"I'm gonna need help," she thought aloud. Cleaning was one her most hated chore, especially when she had to clean out all the disgusting bottles. Taking out her cell phone, she called Reggie, her best friend. The phone had cost her a lot but she needed it. Reggie had been there for her when her father walked out. He had helped her get through all her hard times. He was also her only friend in the whole world since they were kids.

"Reggie, you have got to help me. My place is a mess and I really need your help." She said when he picked up her phone.

"And what do I get in return?" Her best friend inquired teasingly. "A date?"

"As if," she said, rolling her eyes and even though he couldn't see, he could imagine her reaction just as accurately. "But if you want, a movie only."

It's a date, Bailey." Reggie said joking. He knew she hated her real name and would probably punch him if she was with him. But if it were someone else, she'd kill them.

"Just get here, right now." She said, frustrated. "And don't call me Bailey. It's a really dumb name if you ask me."

"Yes, ma'am." He said, in a mocking soldier-voice.

"You'd better." She warned him as she hung up.
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