True Beauty

A poem about true beauty and love.
Her inner beauty was reflected in her every action,
Bore no rivals with the exception of her outward appearance,
Each step she took was full of confidence,
Demanded your full attention,
Her seemingly innocent smile was full of the things,
That dreams are made of.

She was ebony - no she was everything,
Inspiring through action, not words,
Her spirit is undefined and free,
Surely to live on without her physical form.

Her amazing light balances my truth,
Causes me to look far past,
My most perfect dream for something better,
Something overwhelmingly tangible.

Picturesque and perfection collide to form her smile,
That reveal her inner workings,
The best part of her,
Pure light that cast no shadow,
Devoid of color, shape and time.
Published: 10/3/2012
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