Truly Amazed

This is a poem of Hope and Inspiration!
I saw a pot in the morning glories,
One hot summer day,
I felt sorry for the little flowers that had all,
But dried up and died away...

The days had been long,
And hot with far too little rain,
Those little yellow flowers were persistent to live,
As they showed God their faith!

Those morning glories were determined to live,
Their rightful season through,
They refused to give up,
No matter how hot the sun!

Then one morning in August,
God being pleased by the service they gave,
Being proud of their Faith and Determination,
Those flowers showed...

God sent down the rain,
It rained by day, it rained by night,
For two whole nights and days,
When the rain stopped.

I stepped out my door and was truly AMAZED!
All those little flowers were staring toward the sky
As if thanking God for extending their lives.
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Published: 9/15/2011
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