Trying to Rediscover Myself

To my parents.
I'm trying to rediscover myself,
Find common ground between my past and my future,
I'm so lost in my own skin,
Dragging my feet through all of my sin.

I'm trying to not be such a mess,
Make my family proud through all the stress,
Times are hard, and that never changes,
Left to discover my future strangers.

I'm trying to work, I'm trying to learn,
Fight through emotion to my happiness,
My place on this planet I yearn to earn,
Maybe tomorrow I'll find some bliss.

I'm back to writing, to learn how I am,
I've lost sight, smoke fills the void,
I want to laugh without holding back,
Behind closed eyes all I see is black.

I'll make you proud, but maybe not soon,
I fall to my face though I shoot for the moon,
I look for acceptance, I look my place,
I look for that look on your face.
Published: 1/25/2013
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