Tudor the Tutor (1)

Lynn Tudor's got it figured out; graduating with honors in a month, free ride to college, an escape from her small dreary town. Then she meets the dooming reality: Boys.
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Chapter 1

The first rule of life: It sucks.

It all started on a normal day. I woke up at five in the morning, straightened my shoulder-length curly red hair, put a bit of eyeliner and mascara around my dark mocha brown eyes and changed into a plain black shirt and a pair of worn blue jeans with some sneakers before Olive killed the horn on her car.

I guess I start my day here.

"So, I hear we have a new guy," Olive said conversationally. I noticed how her shirt was smaller today and she was wearing skin-tight skinny jeans. With black ankle boots.

"Looking to make Benji jealous?" I said before sliding my eyes toward my passenger side window.

She laughed and tossed some straight, dirty blond hair over her shoulder to look at me for a moment. "Please, Benji is always jealous. Boyfriends are like that."

"Not like Benji."

Her voice was suddenly as cold as her glacier ice green eyes. "Like you'd know much about boys."

I winced and looked out the window once more, remembering how when I looked for someone to consider my father all I got was a bunch of my mother's boyfriends.

Of course, she felt back a moment later. "Sorry, Lynn, I didn't mean it. Me and Benji have been having a tough time, that's all."

I refused to look at her, hiding the tears that were building at the corners of my eyes. "It's fine. I'm fine."

"Want me to buy you some breakfast?" she asked lightly.

"Chicken biscuit and an English toffee cappuccino," I answered.

Olive laughed. "That's my girl."

I walked inside Greenfalls High, and immediately ran into Roland. "Hey, C, what's going on?" his voice boomed throughout the hallway.

I winced. "Fine."

"So, C, did you hear about the new guy?" he continued, strolling beside me. I noted that his black dreads were under a light blue beanie, it almost matched his eyes and contradicted with his dark skin.

"Must you call me by my bra size? It's hardly appropriate," I said in a hushed voice.

He used his usual comment. "That's what I call all girls. If there's more than one C in the room, I'll use your real name."

"And that would be...?"

"Darcy Lynn Tudor, moved here last year and prefer to be called 'Lynn'," he said with a pearly white grin.

I nodded and took a sip of my coffee. "Good job."

"You never answered my question," he reminded me.

"What would that be again?"

"The new guy? You're the teachers' favorite student, almost one of them, so they had to tell you something." He put a hand around my waist and wiggled his eyebrows. "C'mon, C, you know I won't tall anybody." I noticed how people waited anxiously for my answer.

I rolled my eyes. "I do not know nor do I care about a new kid at our school? When is a new kid ever really attractive or interesting? They're always ordinary and from some place boring. Like Ohio."

"True, but I heard this guy got kicked out of juvie. Sounds interesting to me."

"Another customer on the horizon?" I asked lightly with raised eyebrow.

Roland winked and chucked my chin softly. "Hey, you smart kids get your college money with scholarships. I have my own way to get money."

"I'm sure the police will find that as a valid excuse."

Roland burst into a fit of laughter. "I love your sarcasm, C. It sucks that you're too smart for me."

"You're too much of a brother to me anyway."

"I never thought you's imagine your ideal brother as a druggie."

"I never said ideal," I snapped back.

Roland laughed and clapped a hand on my back before going into another crowd. I rolled my eyes and walked to my locker. I put my Pre Trig textbook into my backpack. Next was my binder, my notebook... did I have enough pencils...? Where was my favorite blue pen...?

"Lynn Tudor to the office, please," Mrs. Regina's petite voice said on the inter-com.

With a sigh I finished my breakfast quickly and hoisted my backpack over my shoulder before starting back down the hallway.

Benji found me during this stroll. "Win another award or are they kicking you into college already?" he joked with a grin.

"Olive's in the second hallway getting homework from Mr. Day. Run along," I said without a pause.

Sure enough, Benji went down the second hallway. I tried not to roll my eyes. Benji was such a control freak.

I picked lint of my black V-neck shirt as I entered the office. Straightening out, I noticed that three people were staring at me. "Principal Gibbons," I said in a respectful tone. My eyes slid to the two boys my age. "And guests."

The principal chuckled under his breath. "Miss Lynn, these two are Frankie Groves and James Markus. I want you to show them the school for today."

I tried hard not to groan. "No offense, sir, but why don't you ask Roland to do it? He's much more friendly and he's love to miss some class time."

"Roland isn't making one-oh-fives in all honors classes. He can barely make a fifty on his tests. You can afford to miss class, he cannot. Please, Lynn?" The principal gave me a puppy dog face.

I groaned. "Fine, but only because you're my uncle."

"Only by marriage."

"I still have a reputation to uphold," I said with my legendary look.

He chuckled and jerked his chin to the two silent boys. "Lead them around the school, try not to scare them off."

"No promises. C'mon." The boys followed behind me with amused faces. Doing as told, I led the duo around the school. Gym, cafeteria, library, and told them the numbers of classes in each hallway. They never talked, much to my relief, so it made my job so much easier. It took about half an hour, and I dropped them off at their home rooms.

Pre Trig was fine; I made a one hundred on a pop quiz, with time to spare, and finished my homework during class. Second block was Gym, which I hated with a passion. Glasses and nerdiness in a class filled with vicious preps with pigskin balls didn't mix well.

I always walked with Roland. "Hear about the newbie?" he asked lightly.

I groaned. "Yes; I had to lead them around the school this morning. There are two of them. I can't remember their names. They didn't speak a word and I don't really care."

"So what are their classes?"

"They have gym with us; that's all I remember," I said while I tried to contain a snarl.

Roland nodded and put an arm around my shoulder. "So maybe we can make some new friends."

"I have enough friends."

"Bullshit. It's Olive, that Benji guy but only because he's dating Olive, that weird girl Jo, and the clean freak Sid. Well, and me, but I'm friends with everybody."

"Why did you call Olive and Jo by their real names?" I asked in wonder.

Roland shrugged. "Their both B's."

I hit him lightly in the side. He grinned. A teacher glared as we passed by. "No PDA's in school!" she yelled.

Roland gave her a weird look. "What are PDA's again? It sounds familiar."

"Public displays of affection," I reminded him. "Get your arm off my shoulder."

He rolled his eyes but obeyed. "Such bullshit."

"Stop cursing; we're on school grounds. You're lucky the cops don't search your car." I grinned.

"I keep my stuff in a good hiding place."

"Why am I friends with you again?"

Roland gave me a look. "You're lonely and I'm friends with everybody."

I rolled my eyes as we walked into the gymnasium. We parted ways to go into the locker rooms to change. I changed into red basketball shorts and a gray T-shirt with our school's logo on it. Our gym uniform.

When I walked out, a girl with mahogany hair and hazel-brown eyes came to my side. "Hi, Lynn," she said politely.

"Hey, Jo," I said in return. "Have any interesting superstitions for me today?"

"It's bad luck to have flowers in your room when you're in the hospital. As the flowers die, you do as well," she said in a grave voice. Jo was highly superstitious. I found it hilarious, but she was dead serious about it.

"I don't think that's really true, Jo," I said in a confused voice. "People almost always have flowers in their hospital rooms."

"Well, I'm not going to have any flowers in my room if I break my leg or get sick. I'm just trying to be safe," she said in an innocent voice.

I laughed and patted her on the head. "Okay, Witchy, got it."

"Just because I want to live, that makes me a witch?"

"No, but it fits you."

Jo smiled slightly and sat beside me on the bleachers. Roland was chatting up the new guys, which proved they weren't mutes like I'd been guessing.

Coach Turner barked out a "Run for the next hour" before shooing us away to text on her cell phone. I ran beside Jo, groaning, and pulled my iPod out of my shirt pocket. I put my earphones in and turned it on "Be Mine" by Kristina and the Dolls. It was a song I'd heard on a commercial for Beastly, and it wasn't bad. I hummed along to it, but halfway through the coach barked at me to turn it off or suffer a week of detention. I turned it off, since I was working tonight.

Roland came by my side, the new guys behind him. "Hey, C. I heard you were working tonight."

"Yeah, both jobs. I'm dying," I huffed and moved a lock of bright red hair from my eyes. "Why?"

"There's this huge party tonight at Renee Lighthome's house tonight, and even a smart-ass like you needs some time off," he said with a grin.

I rolled my eyes, but Jo was already saying, "She's off at eight. I'll pick her up and bring her with me." I gave her a glare that would kill pigeons in mid-air, but she asked innocently, "What?"

Roland nudged my elbow with his. "Relax, C, it'll be fine." He winked. "Wear something hot." I tried not to groan as he jogged ahead of us, the boys watching us until they passed.

I hated Roland sometimes.
Published: 7/5/2011
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