Twilight, A timeless love

You fill my void, you beauty my world. Without you, I would be without any form for without you, I am nothing but empty.

I would walk back and forth,
With you for a thousand years,
Through eternity I would glide,
Even through time and space,
Through generations, for a moment,
Lost in your arms.

My heart kept seeking,
And searched through a million worlds,
To catch up on the smile on your face,
Time stood still,
And my soul found peace,
Just because you took a step,
One step closer to me.

Time brought your heart to me,
And for a thousand years,
I will love you,
For a thousand more will I hold your hands,
And love you even more,
Through the seas and the mountain,
Through the hills and the valleys,
All the way to the world beyond,
I will love you even more.

If I were born in generations but now,
I would still wait all the way through the years,
Through time will I stay afloat,
Just for a moment spent with you.

If I never found you,
I would keep searching, and loving,
No other in the process for,
I am sure I was made to love but you,
And you alone do I vow to love

I would fight the deepest temptations,
I would smash deep obsessions,
Fly on the highest heights
With wings or without wings
Until I your lips, I kiss in love for life.
Last Updated: 2/27/2015
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