Two Conversations

When love becomes selfishly boring.
Talk on a limb,
Out on a limb,
The conversation's meaningless.
We don't entertain,
Never entertained,
It's always been that way, I guess.

Two conversations,
That make no sense,
You speak of love,
I speak of pretense,
You talk of the future,
While I reminisce,
You say we can make it,
You're taking the piss!

Shouts of anger,
Always the anger,
That roars it's almighty rage,
Unspoken words,
Unwritten words,
Ink spilled across an empty page.

Two conversations,
With nothing to say,
Mind-numbing boredom,
That won't go away,
Empty emotions,
Won't communicate,
Your invoice is blank,
I owe nothing your way.

Forced out tears,
Crocodile tears,
You only feel sorry for yourself,
Wail, all you want,
Bawl, what you want,
It's time to do something for myself.

Two conversations,
But you never listened,
You ranted and raved,
Your own conversation.
It's too late now,
The damage is done,
Those two conversations,
Are left as one.
Published: 2/23/2016
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