Two Toned Hair Styles

There are a plethora of two toned hair styles sported by celebs this year. You can also experiment with your own hair coloring ideas, to create some unique and attractive looking hairstyles..
Two toned hair styles are nothing but styles created using two different shades which can be of the same or different color. Two toned hair color styles can be created with various techniques. One can use highlighting, lowlighting or simply combine both. Many people also like to experiment two toned styles by using contrast hair color dyes. No matter what type of technique you use, it is very important to understand which color will suit your complexion, so that you avoid any hair color disasters. Just like a normal color wheel, there is a hair color wheel, that helps you understand what are the cool and what are the warm colors. So remember these basics to understand the color compatibility. If you have cool skin tones and eye color then go with cool hair colors and shades, and vice versa.

Cool skin tones are dark brown, medium complexion with light pink color in the cheeks or no color, medium complexion and golden undertones, olive complexion, pale complexion with pink undertones or no color, and bronze or brown complexion after tanning. Cool eye colors are blackish brown, dark brown, dark blue, grayish blue, hazel colored with light flecks. Such people should go with cool colors like shiny raven black, mink, icy white, honey, wheat, ash, purple and burgundy shades. Warm skin tones are freckled complexion, pale complexion with golden or peach undertones, brown skin tone with pink or golden undertones and ruddy complexion. Warm eye colors include golden brown eyes, greenish blue eyes, green eyes and hazel eyes with brown or golden colored flecks. People with warm skin tones should go for copper, golden-brown, golden, reddish-orange, golden brown, chestnut and dark warm brown shades.

Two Toned Hair Color Styles & Ideas

With Highlights
With hair highlighting you can create beautiful subtle colored hair. Gone are the days of chunky highlights. Today hair with skinny foil highlights are very popular. Choose a suitable hair color and get loads of skinny hair highlights all over the hair. This will give a beautiful textured look to your hair. For summers use a brighter shade, for fall choose darker shades.

wHaT's hOt? Shiny blonde streaks look glamorous. Golden brown streaks are good if you want a more subtle hair color. Shades like reddish-brown also look great on brunettes.

With Dyes
With some demi-permanent dyes you can create very edgy looking two tone hairstyles. Manic Panic have some awesome hot color shades. If you are looking for a very-unique-super-funky look then consider two hair color dyes; color half of your hair with two different shades. You can divide hair horizontally into two halves and color them. Or simply dye the crown into one dark color, and the rest into another light color. You can also create a two-tonal effect by coloring the bangs and two big streaks of hair around the bangs in some hot color and keep the rest of hair as it is.

wHaT's hOt? Mix colors like hot pink and black for a punk look. You can also dye half hair black and half neutral blonde. If you want a super funky look, then use two hot colors to create a two tonal effect. For example, color your hair in the inside electric blue and on outside bright orange.

With Lowlights
Lowlights are trendy. Lowlights are basically opposite to hair highlights. Lowlights are done near the base of the hair, and for lowlights a color which is 2-3 shades darker than your base hair color is used. Lowlights give a beautiful fall look, and if you want to add subtle texture to your hair then lowlights are the best bet. Lowlights look great on women who have short hair.

wHaT's hOt? Black lowlights in blonde hair are very popular. Brunettes can also get black lowlights, if they have medium dark hair.

Combining Highlights & Lowlights
If you have fine hair or thin hair then a great way to add volume and depth to them is by combining highlights and lowlights. When trying out highlights and lowlights together to create two tone hair color avoid any unnatural looking hair color, and stick to more subtle shades.

wHaT's hOt? On a base of blonde, streaks of shiny golden blonde highlights and black lowlights look great. On a base of auburn hair, black hair lowlights and golden-brown streaks look great.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to a salon and ask the stylist to dye your hair into a two tonal hair style, or buy some hair dye kits and color your hair using the instructions on the product label. And enjoy your cool new hairdo!
By Pragya T
Published: 3/9/2011
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